Legends of Golarion

Altar of Ogrémoch

Cursed Crypt of Ambergul


• Groot
• Morfear
• Ari
• Mari
• Brandis
• Adran
• Optimus
• Eran – NPC

Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find out more about the altars.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Find and apprehend Darwa Dalion.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• Find Onya’s missing lover.


Received: 675
Total: 7925


Several pieces of golden armor

Timeline of Events

Rova the 24th
• Mid-Afternoon
○ After a short rest, the party spent some time trying to determine where they wanted to go. A discussion was had about the various options including the two doors, the stairwell or the hall.
○ Groot wanted to enter the door furthest from where they entered the room. Mari wanted to explore the halls. Ari wanted to try the door nearest where they entered.
○ Ari checks for traps on the door and finding none they open the door to a hall leading in to a larger room.
○ Ari heads down the hall stealthily and in to the room where he discovers it to be a mess of broken statuary, torn tapestries, splintered furniture, and shards of pottery. The roof is made of mirrors.
○ Everyone joins Ari in the room. Morfear and Mari check the mirrors for magic.
○ Ari and Morfear search for secret doors and then checks out the other door in the room.
○ Mari starts to head back to the other door in the room of pools, but the group convinces her to stay with the rest of them. Mari tries to convince Groot he has missed a number of doors to try and sway him to her side, but that seems to fail.
○ Groot checks out his reflection in the mirrors.
○ Ari opens the door and finds a long dark hall.
○ The party cautiously heads out and down the hall until they reach a corner. Following the hall, they continue on in the darkness. They notice some faded murals painted on the broken plaster walls.
○ Eventually they come upon the golden outline of a door.
○ Groot heads up to and opens the door. On the other side he finds a room bathed in brilliant sunlight which emanates from a pair of doors at the other end. Pulling back from the bright light which hurts his eyes, he notices three minotaurs picking up pieces of golden armor on the other side of a portcullis.
○ Heading in to the room, our adventurers engage the surprised creatures.
○ Battle erupts as the minotaurs finally react to the attack and move to open the portcullis and attack the group.
○ Utilizing superior tactics (such as dropping the portcullis on the minotaurs), the adventurers prevail.
○ After a short rest, they look at the doors and notice they are etched in a gold tracery. Ari opens the doors and the sunlight dims down to a light glow.
○ Looking in the room beyond, they find a darkened room similar to what they were just in without the portcullis and murals of sun priests with donkey heads. At the other end they see a mutilated corpse in front of double doors made of stone.
○ They check the area for magic and detect magic on the doors.
○ Ari then heads down the hall with the intent of examining the dead body, but is stopped short as the floor suddenly engulfs him.
○ Ari fights from within while the rest of the party attempts to free him from the trapper. Eventually, Ari escapes via his cape, but Brandis is engulfed by the beast.
○ During the battle, Ari moves further down the hall and in to the area of the lurker which drops down and attacks him. Ari moves back towards the trapper to try to get the trapper and lurker to fight, but after getting out of the lurkers area it flies back up in to the darkness.
○ A long hard battle is fought to defeat the trapper and then the lurker, but our heroes prevail yet again even though Groot started stinking like crazy before all was said and done.
○ Mari tries to make Groot less stinky using one of her abilities, but is unsuccessful.
○ Searching the area, they find no treasure in either monster but do look over the corpse which was a large man. Lastly, they find a secret door on the wall.
○ Ari verifies the stone doors are actually stone.
○ Heading through the secret door, they head down a set of stairs and through a door in to a room with a large stone altar with two life-like status of a man and a woman. The man looks very similar to the description provided by Onya. In the altar is a large hole which reveals a cavity lined with Thassilonian runes. This hole glows with a sinister purple light.
○ Looking around the room, they notice the lady statue looks very familiar. They also notice a gold clockwork cat playing with a stone rat.
○ Brandis eventually realizes the doors above are similar to the temple found in the swamp.
○ They try to get the rat from the clockwork cat. Mari then determines the cat is magical.
○ Ari notices another secret door in the corner of the room. Ari opens the door and finds a dark dusty corridor.
○ Morfear takes out a scroll of remove affliction and casts the ritual on Arassán.
○ They tie up Darwa as best they can.
• Late Afternoon
○ Morfear finishes his ritual and Arassán returns to flesh.
○ Talking with Arassán, they find out he and Darwa were opening up the altar and the next thing he knows the adventurers are in front of him.
○ He tells them Darwa broke open the altar and that he was the hired help being paid from treasure.
○ Arassán then asks about one Grit, Thord, and Lump. Mari asks him about Grit and Lump and he tells them Grit was a half-dwarf, half-goblin misshapen creature. Lump he couldn’t describe other than he was a large ugly man. He says Thord was a dwarf.
○ When he mentions that, they mention the man above and he says that is Bear.
○ Ari tries to convince Arassán that Darwa is evil. They ask about what Darwa was trying to get and he doesn’t know.
○ Mari then asked about the golden cat. Arassán says they got that from the lich. The group is surprised to hear about the lich.
○ Asking about the lich, Arassán mentions she was the matriarch and that she would leave them be. He describes the lich as a skeleton wrapped in bandages with red eyes.
○ Asking about a medusa, Arassán has not met any medusa.
○ Morfear surmises the lich tricked them in to activating a trap and more discussion about possible traps in the altar ensue.
○ Morfear attempts a religion check on the altar. The altar seems to be dedicated to an earth elemental.
○ They search over the altar for a bit before Ari suggests they head down the other secret passage.
○ Mari tries to talk with the cat, but no communication is made. Mari eventually steals the rat from the cat.
○ Arassán asks why they don’t restore Darwa.
○ Morfear starts the ritual to restore Darwa while several of the party members (everyone except Morfear, Eran, and Adran) head down the dusty secret passage.
○ Eventually they stumble upon an empty alcove which seems to serve no purpose.
○ Continuing on they run into the end of the hall and a secret door.
○ Ari puts out his torch and slowly opens the door. Darkness greets him on the other side.
○ Lighting a torch, he realizes he is standing behind a statue of a troll. There is a lever on one of the wall in an up position. In the middle of the room are several slabs with various stone statues of different sizes.
○ Ari is about to head back when Groot pulls the lever. A soft hissing starts and suddenly the trolls turn back to life and attack…


Ari is going to put big gloves on Groot to keep him from touching things. Jb

Altar of Ogrémoch

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