Legends of Golarion

Arrival at Sandpoint

Fane of Thoss Fyurnen


GM’s Note:
To help the player’s recall what has happened from week to week, I will be making two adventure logs for each session. One will be a quick summary of what happened during the session (like this one). The other

will be a creative accounting of the session from the perspective of Eran Valeri.



Quests in Progress

• None

Quests Received

• Find Jaspar Korvaski and get your first job.
• Make at least one noble family helpful or hostile to the party.
• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Mercantile League
• Learn more about why Arvik Zaltos is being hung.
• Seek out actual evidence of the Sandpoint Devil
• Find out more about Sandpoint’s oldest landmark the Old Lighthouse

Quests Completed

• Find Jaspar Korvaski
• Learn more about Arvik Zaltos.


Received: 425
Total: 425


+ Amulet of Health + 1
+ gem
+ 60gp
- 5gp
- 25cp

Timeline of Events

Rova the 1st
• Mid-Morning
○ Arrived at Sandpoint aboard the Mermaid’s Folly
○ Immediately “greeted” by Pais (pronounced pay-us) the self-proclaimed welcoming committee of Sandpoint. After some negotiation, the group paid the 1gp per person fee.
○ Directed to the Sandpoint Mercantile League office by Pais (he was quite helpful after being paid) where they met Jaspar Korvaski.
○ Jaspar quickly gave them a job to figure out who has been stealing cargo from the League ships. Recommended the Rusty Dragon for a place to stay.
○ The Rusty Dragon turned out to be a dive run a by a young woman by the name of Ameiko. They were able to secure a place in the common room.
• Mid-Afternoon
○ Went to the Swallowtail Festival where they were able to obtain some good food and had a good time with some carnival games before noticing some men (some of the same guys from the morning) relieving people of their belongings.
○ After a brief fight, the group was able to stop the thieves, some of whom were restrained. The guard arrived, led by the Sheriff, and after some explanations took the thieves in to custody.
○ Our adventurers went back to the Rusty Dragon to rest before sundown.
• Dusk
○ Arriving at the docks, Jaspar showed them which ships to keep guard over and then headed back up in to town.
○ Not much happened for the first couple of hours except for some drunks who were able to detect Groot hidden on a ship, but didn’t believe it and were too drunk to report it.
○ Right around midnight, a pack of wild dogs moved down the docks looking to scavenge but were chased off by tavern goers leaving for the evening.

Rova the 2nd
• Sometime after Midnight
○ Finally in the wee hours of the morning, Morfear detected some sounds on the side of the ship he was on. Looking over the side, he saw that a smaller ship was coming up alongside the ship away from the docks.
○ About the same time, others noticed that several men were slinking along the docks and were about to climb aboard the ship. Ardan shot one while Groot attempted to jump from the ship he was on to dock, missing and causing the thieves to try to flee.
○ A relative short, intense battled took place where the adventurers were able to capture several of the gang (and a few were killed).
○ They took the survivors to the garrison and had them put in jail before heading back to the Rusty Dragon for some much needed sleep.



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