Legends of Golarion

Best Laid Plans

The Rise of Ironhold



Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.
• Devastation of Thunder Hollow

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 400
Total: 13300



Timeline of Events

Lamashan the 4th, 4701AR
• Mid-day
○ Inside of Grit’s room, Thord and his son re-unite. After an awkward moment, Thord turns to the group and says, “all right, brought ya here. what do ye be meanin’ to do?”
○ Ari says, “where do you bring the artifiacts?” to which Thord says, “I didn’t bring any artifacts.”
○ Ari corrects him by saying, “but you were going to bring some here with Darwa and there had to be drop here somewhere.”
○ “Darwa hired you,” Ari starts to say when Thord interrupts with, “Darwa didn’ hire me.”
○ Ari looks a little confused and says, “were you not with her in the group?” “I was with her but she didn’ hire me specifically. More of a hostage situation,” is Thord’s response.
○ Ari asks, "when you say hostage, does she still have someone? Groot chimes in with, “or were you the hostage?” “She took me and Grit, my boy, here.”
○ “Well, do you know where you were to return the artifact,” Ari asks.
○ “Grit says he gave it to the necromancer,” Thord replies. “The thin one.”
○ Ari describes Arvik to them and asks if it was that guy. Grit shakes his head no as Thord says, “no, not him.” “That’s good, we think he’s dead,” Ari mentions.
○ “What are ye planning to do,” Thord asks again. “Well, our plan is to find the artifacts and get them back without disturbing this place as much as we can,” Ari says hesitantly. “How do people react to outsiders here? If there is just one or two of like the dwarf, could he go out by himself, or out with you?”
○ Thord ponders for a moment. “Well, maybe, but whut’s yer intentions?” “To get the artifacts back. Preferably peacefully, but these artifacts could endanger the whole region.”
○ “I’ll tell you now, if Harglevargle finds out yer here, yer dead,” Thord says matter-of-factly. “Who’s Harglevargle,” Groot and Morfear ask simultaneously. “He leads the goblins.”
○ “Well, we certainly don’t want to put you in any more danger, so what is your advice for where to stay so he won’t find us,” Ari asks. “Within the hold, or can we stay outside near that secret door?”
○ “I would say here on the middle level is the safest. As long as yer only seein’ dwarves yer probably fine,” Thord says. “If you see anybody else, they probably gonna hurt ya.”
○ “Would it be better if we run from them and try to get away, or silence them,” Ari asks. “I don’ know.”
○ “How much trouble would you get in if it is discovered your talking to us,” Ari asks.
○ Thord gives him a knowing look and says, “I’m not talkin’ to anybody.”
○ Grit looks at his father and says, “dad, I’ll tell on you.” Thord retorts with, “no you won’ boy, now sit down.”
○ Ari says, “you’re a hostage,” and winks at them. “No, no, I wanna kill them goblins,” Grit says. “They been taking over our home and allowin’ the bad necromancers in here.”
○ Thord looks at Grit sternly and says, “Grit we’ve talked about this, now shut up.” Grit sits on his bed sullenly.
○ “So the necromancer moved in and brought the goblins with them,” Morfear asks. “No, no, no, goblins have been here with us for quite some time,” Thord says.
○ Thord goes in to an exposition where he gives a short history of Ironhold for the last two hundred years. The dwarven king, Korin, brough the Ironaxe clan back to Ironhold two hundred years ago. They cleaned the place out of orcs, but were unable to truly secure the dilapidated tunnels. As they eked out a living, their numbers started to become less and less until when a goblin clan arrived and attacked, they couldn’t hold them off. Unfortunately, the goblins were in almost as bad a state as the dwarves and so a symbiotic (DMs word, not Thord’s) relationship began between the goblins and the dwarves keeping both clans alive and creating a twisted half-breed of goblins and dwarves.
○ After his exposition, he explains the necromancers showed up about a year and half ago looking for an artifact. They promised they would shore up the tunnels in return for allowing them to look for the artifact. After Harglevargle agreed to allow them in, they took over the upper level and started adding these circles which seem to make the tunnels stronger. They found some altar they were looking for, but they couldn’t open it and are now looking for something to open it. About six months ago, a couple of them left, Darwa and Arvik, after they had received some message from another guy.
○ About a month ago or so, Darwa came back and took Thord and Grit with her to dig in the crypts for another item and that’s where they found Thord, in the crypt.
○ “Why did she choose you,” Mari asks followed by Morfear’s “why did she take you?”
○ “I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t put up as much a fight,” says Thord. “If yer plannin on bustin up the place, ye can leave right now. I won stand for that and I will turn ye in right now.”
○ “What about the goblins,” Mari asks. “Ye might as well leave right now,” is Thord’s answer.
○ "You get along well enough, "Morfear starts and Thord answers over top of him, “they’re not my favorite people, but they’re family and it’s all we got.” He sits lost in thought for a moment before adding, “Although if you git rid of that Harglevargle guy, that’s all right.”
○ “Is the he the king,” Morfear asks as Thord mumbles," if he would just stop arguing with himself…"
○ Mari asks," he argues with himself?" Thord nods.
○ Morfear asks his question again. “Is he the king, the goblin king, or is he a necromancer?” “No he’s the goblin king,” Thord says.
○ Brandis asks if Harglevargle dabbles in necromancy and Thord says," I think he’s an igit, so probably not."
○ “What would that do to relations if the king was suddenly gone,” Morfear wonders out loud.
○ "We’ve got our own king, " Thord says. “We could try to install him. Granted, he’s a bit more daft…”
○ “Controllable tho,” Morfear mentions. “Well, maybe. Never thought of it that way,” Thord muses.
○ “We did not come here to interfere with the locals,” Ari says earnestly. “I would like to know what happened to the forest outside. Grit do you know what happened?” Grit shakes his head no.
○ “Ok, so they’ve drawn these circles. Can you give us a map of where to go or to follow to get to these things,” Morfear asks.
○ “What d’I look like a car-tog-grapher,” Thord says. “Hey you’re a dwarf. Just tell me which way to go,” Morfear presses.
○ “I don’ make maps,” Thord complains. “You don’t dig or anything?” “Hell no.”
○ “Where did Darwa catch you,” Ari asks. “She didn’ catch me. I live here,” Thord answers. “You said you were a hostage,” Ari says. “Sort of a hostage. They had m’boy.”
○ “Grit, where were you at,” Ari asks. Grit looks up and says, “in my room?” “You were here,” Ari asks. “Sure, there are three of them on this level right now, I think.”
○ “Really?!?” slips out of Mari. “Ya, the twins, and I think that Darwa person,” Grit says in response. “Although, she might have went up to the other level.”
○ “What’s upstairs,” Ari asks. “The necromancers kind of took it over. We aren’t allowed up there no more,” Grit says.
○ “So, if we wreck the upstairs would that be a problem,” Mari asks. “Try not to break our tunnels. They’re already fallin’ apart as it is,” Thord exclaims.
○ “But you don’t care one way or another about the necromancers,” Mari asks. “Well, I’d like them to finish makin’ them circles,” is the response.
○ “Are those the things holding things up,” Morfear asks. Thord nods.
○ Ari asks if Thord could take them to one of the circles. Grit responds that one of the necromancer guys is making one in a room not too far from here just up the hall to the north.
○ Ari is concerned about meeting the necromancer and wonders if there are any already made they could view first. Grit says yes, but all roads lead through the room where the necromancer is.
○ Ari asks how many people are with him and Grit doesn’t know. He then wonders how the rest of the dwarves will react to the group and Thord assures him (again) that they will be fine when they meet dwarves.
○ Ari asks Thord if there will be problems if they talk to the necromancer and things go wrong. Thord says he’s not going with them and will disavow knowing them, so nope.
○ The group discusses what they should do next and decide to try to capture the necromancer and figure out what the circles are really for.
• Early Afternoon
○ After a short rest, the group leaves Grit’s room and head north along the hall.
○ Morfear has concerns about why they are bending over backwards for this dwarf they rescued and never helped them out along the way to Ironhold. Ari shrugs and just continues forward.
○ Ari and Adran stealthily creep forward from the group along the hall and around the corner at the northern end. They continue to follow the hall as it enters a room with several marble trunks.
○ They also can see up the northern hall from the room and notice it empties in to a large torch lit chamber. Along the wall they can see in the chamber are several suits of dwarven armor. They also hear the sound of a hammer hitting a piton.
○ Ari stealthily moves through the room with trunks and down the hall to the entrance of the large chamber. He sees a room with no furnishings and nine suits of armor. In the center of the room is a thin man bent over the floor. He is pounding on a piton and seems to be etching a pattern in to the floor. Next to him are three half-goblin children. Every so often he asks one of the children for some piece of equipment or to run and get him something. There are three doors along the back wall and two other hallways exiting from the room.
○ Ari notices the man is about a quarter of the way through making the circle. Or at least that is what he guesses.
○ Ari watches for a while and after a few moments the man straightens up and turns towards the south hall and says, “hey I thought I heard something down there, go check it out.” Ari and Adran beat a hasty retreat back down the hall.
○ “Nothing in there,” says the half-goblin. “Don’ see nothing.” The child heads back in to the room.
○ Ari and Adran get back to the group and mention it is a single guy to the rest of the group. He mentions the three half-goblin children and that he seems very perceptive. He starts formulating a plan to send Morfear through the room since he is a dwarf and won’t rouse suspicion.
○ Ari heads down to the south end of the hall and looks in that room to see if there are more suits of armor. There he finds a rubble strewn room with some cave rats scurrying about. He backs away quickly and heads back to the group.
○ As they are discussing how they want this plan to be enacted, they hear the clanging of armor in the hallway to the north.
○ They start to retreat back down the hallway and hear a tiny maniacal laugh from within their midst.
○ The laughter turns in to a tiny voice calling out, “they are over here, master.”
○ After a moment, they hear a raspy voice say, “I mean you know harm. Come speak with me and my master. Tell us why you are here.”
○ The battle with the necromancer is joined as the suits of armor and several wights come around the hall corner. Our heroes fight valiantly and quickly get the upper hand in the narrow halls as they destroy the armor and the necromancer’s imp familiar which had discovered them. Sensing his disadvantage, the necromancer and his wights fall back to the large chamber and are able to take advantage of some mistakes by the heroes and turn the tide, wounding several of the adventurers in the process. However, the adventurers are able to ride it out and eventually defeat all of the monsters except for the necromancer who flees from the chamber.
○ Deciding they are too exhausted, they do not follow the necromancer. After about five minutes, they here a strong rumbling from the east (the direction the necromancer fled) and the tunnels all shake for a moment before silence descends on the halls…



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