Legends of Golarion

Caverns of the Sun

Fane of Thoss Fyurnen


• Groot
• Morfear
• Adran
• Ari
• Mari
• Optimus
• Brandis (late)
• Eran – NPC

Quests Received


Quests Completed



Received: 400
Total: 3175

Timeline of Events

Rova the 4th
• Evening
○ Creeping towards the cavern entrance, unfortunately, several of the adventurers knocked several large rocks down the last set of stairs alerting the lizardfolk to their presence. The shaman ordered her followers to attack.
○ A battle ensued where the adventurers entered into the large cavern to fight the greenscale lizardfolk and their blackscale allies. All of the lizardfolk had the strange boils on their skin and fought with the fervor of religious zealots.
○ During the battle, the wyrmling seemed confused and continued to sniff the air and act apprehensive. He would not respond to Morfear’s commands and wandered in to the underground river where it milled about in confusion. They also seemed to lose track of Wreckan, the lizardfolk mediator.
○ The tide of the battle switched back and forth several times before the adventurers prevailed. During the battle, the shaman had disappeared behind ad hoc statue of a dragon, leaving her followers to die at the hands of the adventurers.
○ Afterwards, Ari and Morfear looked over the statue and alcove behind it with Brandis. There they discovered a peephole in the alcove and a corresponding secret door. Meanwhile, Groot looted the bodies and found a potion of healing.
○ After this, the party seemed to have a lot of trouble deciding where to go. Mari and Groot wanted to climb the waterfall to see what was in the cavern above it. Brandis and Adran went across the river to look in the side chamber on the other side. Ari headed over to the secret door and implored the group to look in to the other room.
○ Groot had trouble climbing up the waterfall, so Mari scaled it and dropped down a rope which seemed to be too slippery fort Groot. About this time Morfear tried to figure out what was wrong with the dragon to no avail and Ari decided to meditate in the center of the cavern.
○ Ari was brought forth from his meditation by a shout from Adran who had entered the side chamber to get a better look at the fungus inside and had angered a group of fire beetles. Adran sore that he saw a small skeleton with a glint of metal on it.
○ The group, minus Mari who was in the cavern above, fought off the swarming fire beetles and checked out the skeleton. The dwarf skeleton seemed to have fallen long ago and was missing an arm. Inside of its clenched right fist, they discovered an iron coin which Morfear recognized as coming from the Ironhold Halls under Mosswood. Morfear recalled that the Ironaxe clan of dwarves had been assumed lost in the halls a couple centuries back.
○ The group finally decided to stick together and headed up the waterfall to the cavern beyond. They discovered the river continued on to the east and the ceiling continued to lower, but seemed to be passable. They also discovered a side passage which Adran stealthily snuck into and discovered a pile of offal with several green eggs. Trying to figure out what it could be, Groot bumbled his way in and discovered it to be the lair of a carrion crawler.
○ Yet another battle erupted as the crawler and several centipede swarms took affront at the intrusion into their home. After several back and forth rounds of combat with the crawler grabbing both Optimus and Groot and attempting to consume them in its lair, the adventurers prevailed.
○ Groot dug around in the mound of offal and discovered another potion. This one seems to be an acid resistance potion.
○ Hurting quite badly and exhausted from the ordeal so far, the group decided to head back up and out of the temple, but not before trying to get the elf statue to heal them again.
○ The elf recognized them this time and seem to not want to help them before finally heaping abuse on them and then casting spells on them. Unfortunately, the spells didn’t seem to work. Mari put two and two together and realized it was night outside and possibly the magic was tied to the sun.
○ Still exhausted and no better off than before, the party headed out in to the rainy night to find a defensible location where they could rest and recuperate…



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