Legends of Golarion

Crypts on the Hill

Cursed Crypt of Ambergul


• Groot
• Morfear
• Ari
• Mari
• Brandis
• Optimus
• Adran
• Eran – NPC

Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find out more about the altars.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Find and apprehend Darwa Dalion.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.
• Find Onya’s missing lover.

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 350
Total: 6200


Two potions of climbing
Ebony coffer
4 platinum rings
Electrum jewelry box
Gold tiara
Platinum comb set with amethyst
Four gem-studded silver hairpings
Blue sapphire pendant
Silver chest
Uncut jade
Bracers of Defense
Scroll of the Ambergul family tree

Timeline of Events

Rova the 24th
• Mid-Morning
○ The group continued up the trail and headed in to the oldest part of the cemetery. Here they found several crypts in various states of ruin. They also found a statue of angel with its arms raised to the heavens.
○ Groot and Optimus headed over to look at the statue while Ari, Mari, and Morfear looked at the various crypts.
○ Ari, Mari, and Morfear discovered several of the crypts had stone doors which were slightly ajar. Ari entered in to one of the crypts and discovered line with urns.
○ Searching around, Ari tripped a trap and the room filled with gas causing him to start coughing. The gas quickly dispersed.
○ About the same time, Groot and Optimus had looked at the statue and found the words “Let the sins that haunt us in life be forgotten in death.” chiseled in the base. They attempted to move the statue to no avail and soon lost interest.
○ Groot decided to look at one of the ruined crypts and discovered nothing of interest.
○ Mari entered another crypt and found a granite slab resting on the floor and again several urns lining the walls. She started to investigate the slab.
○ Meanwhile, Morfear had entered another crypt and discovered something similar to Mari. He attempted discern if the slab could be moved and found that it could not.
○ Mari discovered the slab to be slightly magical with a faint aura of abjuration.
○ Ari entered yet another crypt which contained nothing but bare stone with footprints in the dust. Following the footprints, he found them concentrated in back corner where he found a trap door.
○ Calling everyone over, Ari showed them the trap door which they opened to find stairs heading down in to the darkness.
○ Adran headed down in to the tunnel and followed the tracks to a small room with several large urns, two of which had broken. A bluish-white fungus covered a large part of the back wall. Groot determined it to be a fungus which could cause blue lung disease. Everyone seemed ok, but Optimus had a short coughing fit.
○ The group left the small chamber and the crypt leading to it and entered yet another crypt. Similarly, it was empty except for footprints.
○ A trap door was again found leading to a stairwell heading down in to the dark. Heading down this stair well lead to another small room where several bed roles along with supplies at unattended.
○ Looting the room, they noticed several footprints end at the back wall. Everyone looked puzzled until Adran said that it was a secret door and seemed exasperated (everyone rolled low and elf thought the secret door was obvious).
○ Opening the door, they found another hall which ended in a dead end. However, careful perusal revealed a small gap almost like an outline around the dead end wall. Pushing on it, they felt it move slightly.
○ Groot and Brandis started to push the stone block. As it moved further and further, the group noticed scrape marks on the floor and walls as if the block had been moved before.
○ Eventually a darkened stairway appeared on the right of the hall. Pushing the stone just past the opening, the group stopped and looked down the stairs.
○ Several of the group headed slowly down the stairs keeping an eye out for danger. Unfortunately, some of them did not move and suddenly the stone block started moving back up the hallway.
○ After mere moments the cause of the movement was seen, a large stone ogre. Brandis and Groot were not fast enough and got stuck on the other side of the stone block. The ogre pushed it all the way back to its original location and then headed back to its pedestal at the end of the hall.
○ Brandis and Groot pushed it back down the hall and the Ari placed spikes in the wall. The stone ogre again tried to push the block, but failed and stopped.
○ Feeling their egress was protected, the group headed further in to the crypts. Entering a small chamber with three halls heading out in the cardinal directions.
○ After a short discussion, the group decided to head counter-clockwise and so headed to their right.
○ Entering another small chamber, they found a dusty crypt with a casket carved from petrified wood resting atop a white marble slab. A small plate on the slab was inscribed with Gaston Ambergul.
○ Opening the casket, they found lots of dust and a few bone fragments as well as gold ceremonial armor over a long decayed skeleton. At its feet sat an ebony coffer.
○ Looting the casket, they looked around the chamber some more before moving down the hall to their left.
○ They found a green wood casket sitting on a marble slab in the middle of the crypt. There was also a frame portrait of a woman wearing golden tiara and a white wedding gown. The inscription read Olivine Ambergul.
○ Opening the casket, they found only an electrum jewelry box and no corpse of any kind. Again, after looting the casket and doing some searching, they moved to their left down and hall and into another small crypt.
○ This crypt was unusual because the ebony casket which rested atop a marble slab had been smash to flinders. Perched on four shelves in each corner sat a gargoyle and a large oval mirror.
○ As they started to search the room, a loud screech was heard and a ghost with one arm far larger than the other appeared and started attacking them.
○ After a deadly battle which saw many members of the group almost go down, the ghost was dissipated with a whimper.
○ Mari looked at the different mirrors while others searched the room. She found them to reek with strong abjuration magic determining that only force would destroy the mirrors.
○ About this time, the rest of the group had discovered a small cavity and pried it open to find a sliver chest with goodies. They all looked up as Mari started to destroy each mirror one by one.
○ As the last mirror shattered, a heavy sigh could be heard in the chamber as if a great weight had been lifted from a tormented soul.
○ Looking around the room, they found a small hall filled with red mist.
○ After discussing it for a bit, they tied some rope to Groot and he headed down the hall and came upon three stones with runes on them. Pressing one, nothing happened, so he decided to press another.
○ To Groot, the runes on the stones changed, but to the others the rope went slack and fell to the floor. What happened to Groot and where could he be…



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