Legends of Golarion

Death Arrives...

The Rise of Ironhold



Groot – Deceased?

Mari – Deceased?


Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.
• Devastation of Thunder Hollow

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 650
Total: 14200



Timeline of Events

Lamashan the 4th, 4701AR
• Late Afternoon
○ Battle erupts between Arvik and our heroes. Several wraiths materialize around Arvik as the party starts forward.
○ Our heroes jockey for position with Mari and Groot moving to the front to confront the dead head on while Ari moves in and out of the melee, striking where he can.
○ Eran and Adran distance themselves from the summoned undead and attempt to strike Arvik from afar.
○ Morfear holds the middle ground attempting to strike with his divine magic when he can and heal when it is needed. Brandis supports Morfear and the front line with various attacks.
○ The battle ebbs and flows as the heroes destroy wave after wave of undead, but seem to cause little damage on Arvik himself. Groot goes down, but Morfear is near enough to heal him back in to the fight. Adran is able to hit Arvik for some damage, but Eran’s magic seems to fizzle harmlessly. Groot, Mari, Ari, and Morfear continue to focus on the rest of the undead with Morfear utilizing his divine magic to blast several wights.
○ Eventually, the waves of undead slow and Mari is able to get close to Arvik. She is able to affect him and the undead around him, but in turn he uses some form of life draining to harm her and heal himself.
○ After going toe to toe with Arvik for several blows, Mari finds herself drained and exhausted. Noticing an avenue for retreat, she takes it and moves back in to the room.
○ Arvik summons one more wave of undead, stronger than the others and then teleports in to the room near Mari. He drains her of the last of her energy and she falls to the ground.
○ Adran fires arrow after arrow at Arvik knocking him away from Mari so that Ari can get to her where he stands over her unmoving body, defending her from the lich.
○ Morfear is able to move closer and utilize the Shroud of Revival on the still living Mari. Ari drags her away from the lich, but as he reaches the edge of the room, Mari loses her battle against death and expires.
○ About the same time, Groot falls from the constant onslaught of this new strong undead. Morfear attempts to stabilize Groot, but to no avail. Groot breathes his last.
○ Arvik steps next to King Korin and drains some of his life essence before teleporting the two of them out of the room. They hear him say from the hallway, “if you survive my minions, we will meet again,” and he drags the limp king with him out of sight.
○ The rest of our heroes battle ferociously against the remaining undead hoping against hope they can still save their two companions.
○ As the last of the undead falls to the floor, the room goes quiet as everyone rushes to Mari and Groot…

(Note: This one is a bit shorter because the entire session was a massive combat.)



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