Legends of Golarion

Don't Take My Stuff

The Rise of Ironhold






Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.
• Find Ironhold

Quests Received

• Devastation of Thunder Hollow
• Where’s Williwick?

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 250
Total: 11250


- 1sp stables
- 3sp for rooms and food
- 5cp donation to shrine
- 9sp rooms
- 7sp food
- 2cp donation to town

Timeline of Events

Rova the 28th, 4701AR
• Mid-Afternoon
○ After pulling Groot away from the table, Morfear takes him outside while Mari heads over to the bar to talk with the drunk guy.
○ Mari plops down next to the drunk and says, “what an idiot. I can’t believe he did that.”
○ The guys says, “what is he drunk?” Mari responds with, “not enough I guess.” The guy looks at his empty tankard and says, “ya, I know the feeling.”
○ Mari offers to order him another drink and he orders “some of that fire wine concoction ya got back there.” Mari adds another of the same to the order. Brandis keeps an eye on both Mari and the two rough guys at the table.
○ The bartender plops down two tankards and inside is a strange red concoction. The drunk takes a long swig and says, “woo, that’sh the good shtuff.”
○ Mari keeps rotating the two tankards back and forth. “Who’s that guy,” Mari ask. “What guy,” is the drunks response. “The one my friend was messing with. He looks real intimidating.”
○ The drunk looks back over at the men at the table and then turns to Mari and says, “his name is Bill Hiccup, I mean Hickock.” Mari says, “oh so you know him.” The drunk shrugs his shoulders and says, “he’s one mean guy.”
○ “Does he hang out here often,” Mari asks. The drunk motions Mari closer with exaggerated movements and looks around surriptitiously. The two guys at the table have started to openly stare at Mari and the drunk as Mari hands the drunk the drink again. “He runs the town,” the drunk whispers a bit loudly.
○ “What does he do by trade,” Mari asks. The drunk says, “you mean is legitimate trade or what he actually does?” Mari says, “yes, both.” The drunk takes a drink, "well he has a lumber business. Those cypress trees out in the swamp. He pays people to cut them down. That’s his business, but his "business"…" He finally lowers his voice to near a whisper. “There are these bushes out in the swamp that when harvested and dried make a nice tobaccy, but not quite the tobaccy your thinkin’.”
○ “So drugs,” Mari says. “No,” he shouts glancing at Bill. “It’s entirely entertainment value.”
○ “So he’s not making healing potions with it,” Mari says sarcastically. “I don’t know. It might. I certainly feel healed every time I have some. It’s very very very good stuff.”
○ “Is it expensive.” The drunk looks at Mari and says without breaking a smile, “first hits always free and then if you don’t pay after that, you get lots of hits.”
○ Their conversation turns to more small talk. Mari notices that every time he smiles it looks like his gums are greyer than normal and there is this black tar-like substance in-between his teeth.
○ After a short time, Mari gleans that this guy has probably lived in Wartle his whole life. She asks him what he does and he says, “drink”. Asked about before that, he says he used to be a trapper of swamp cats, snakes, and gators before he lost his leg to a gator and shows her a peg-leg.
○ He mentions he has an “old lady.” Mari asks who she is and he says she is the local herbalist.
○ Mari asks if she sells any of Bill’s wacky weed and the drunk says, “shhh, don’t tell her about that.”
○ Mari asks the drunk if he’s done drinking. He looks at the tankard which seems to always have something in it and asks the bar keep if this is cup of “never ending nectar”. The barkeep just shakes his head.
○ The barkeep says, “Bernhold, just go home.” Mari asks for a drink for the road and starts walking him home.
○ Meanwhile, Groot, Optimus, and Morfear meet up with Ari, Adran, and Eran on the boardwalk. One sets heading to the sheriff and the other returning from the sheriff.
○ Ari notices Groot’s hand and asks him what happened. Groot holds it up and see the better to see you with. Morfear mentions it’s a long story and not to worry about it.
○ Ari mentions what he learned from the sheriff and suggests they might want to get out of here as soon as possible.
○ Ari asks about Mari and Morfear mentions she is talking to a drunk guy at the bar. Ari again reiterates they should get out of here as soon as possible because there is probably just one guy who runs the whole place and somebody in the group will probably get in to trouble with him.
○ About that time they hear a rhythmic thump heading down the boardwalk towards them. Looking up, they see Mari and a disheveled man with a peg-leg heading towards them.
○ Ari says, “you didn’t have to get him that drunk.” As he notices the sway and the wandering hands of the man.
○ He again suggests they should leave town, but Mari wants to walk her companion home as his wife is an herbalist and may know something about the salts they need for Groot.
○ Ari seems reluctant to do that, but Mari insists maybe they can stay there. Ari mentions he’s concerned about offending the guy who runs the town and Mari says too late as they met him in the tavern and Groot already offended him.
○ Ari asks Bernhold where an herbalist is and he says, “I was going to take this fine young lady home to meet my wife.” Ari suggests he a very ambitious man. Ari asks where that might be, and Bernhold gives him some directions about finding the “big tree” and then follow the path. They just decide to follow the guy.
○ He takes them down the boardwalk and off in to the swamp on the north side of the town. As they head down in to the swamp, they realize their horses might get stolen, so Ari, Optimus, and Groot head back to take care of the horses.
○ The rest continue on before reaching a huge cypress tree and they follow the path from it for about fifteen minutes before they see a shack through the trees with a small plume of smoke rising from the building.
• Late Afternoon
○ Bernhold throws open the door and announces he is home and that he brought friends who are interested in salt. “I can only assume they want some dinner.”
○ They see a middle-aged woman with thinning hair working at a stove. While the stooped woman continues to prepare something at the stove, Mari mentions why they are there and if the woman (Hildie) knows anything about Shadocar Salts.
○ The woman finally turns around and they she has a rather nasty scar on the side of her face twists her mouth in to a permanent sneer. “Yes, I know a few things but I haven’t heard of those salts,” she says.
○ Mari asks about some black spiders around here. Hildie mentions a nest of nettle spiders. Hildie mentions the nettle spiders are further in to the swamp.
○ Mari asks about other herbalists in the area, and Hildie mentions something about a druid who is not very nice, but there are no other herbalists.
○ As Hildie brings over a cup with a hot liquid in it, Mari asks about any kind of healing draughts Hildie might have on hand. Hildie says she makes poultices and the like and they don’t last very long. Then she tells Bernhold to drink his tea. A short argument breaks out between Bernie and Hildie about drinking the tea.
○ Curious about the tea, Mari asks what it is. “Nosey one aren’t you,” Hildie cackles. Mari explains she is just interested in the things that healers can do. Hildie shrugs and lowers her voice to a whisper, “it’s his medicine to get him off the wacky weed.”
○ Bernie shouts, “no, no, no, I don’t touch the stuff.”
○ Morfear asks if there are any medicinal value from the wacky weed. Hildie looks at him askance and says, “if you want to kill someone, give them the wacky weed. That’s all it’s good for, a slow death.”
○ He then asks some more details about the drug and Hildie mentions its very addictive almost immediately and slowly rots the body from the inside.
○ Mari thanks her for her time and then asks about rations and a place to stay. Hildie mentions the inn in town and when Mari asks if there is place to camp, Hildie smirks at them and says, “the swamp is no place to be camping if you don’t know what yer doin’.”
○ Mari then asks if they could stay at the shack, and Hildie just shakes her head as the shack is pretty much the one room they are in and nothing else. Mari presses the point and asks about camping outside the house and Hildie looks pointedly at Bernholds leg before saying, “no, not very safe.”
○ Morfear then asks if they know much about Bill’s lumber business. Hildie says, “I try not to cross, but I suggest you do the same.”
○ Morfear asks if he is really is cutting down lumber and Hildie mentions some noble in Magnimar who is sponsoring it as it is all the rage there these days where they making stuff out of it.
○ They take their leave of the drunk and his wife and head back to meet up with the rest of them.
○ Meanwhile, Ari, Optimus, and Groot head back down the boardwalk and head to where the horses are hitched. Reaching the horses, they start waiting.
○ After about fifteen minutes, a couple of local kids come down the boardwalk and stop, looking them over. “Hey mister, what ya doin’?”
○ Ari mentions they are going to go fishing, and the other says, “fishin’? Fer what?”
○ “Fish?” Ari says. “Not a lot of fish around here, more like crawdads and snakes,” says the other kid. They both look slightly perplexed.
○ Ari explains that if you catch a fish, then you have the bait to catch a crocodile. The two boys look even more confused. Ari continues to try to explain and even Groot starts to look confused.
○ Ari asks what they are out here for. “Oh, we is gonna catch us some bull frogs.”
○ Ari suggests it might be dangerous out there and the boys scoff and say they aren’t going that far. Ari tells them to be careful and one of them says, “will do. Have fun catchin’ yer… lizard fish.” They head off down the trail deeper in to the swamp.
○ About ten minutes after that a woman comes by and asks about two young boys. Ari and company nod in the affirmative and explain the boys seemed like they knew what they were doing. The woman talks about the stupid kids and then heads down the path in to the swamp.
○ About that time, the rest of the group arrives at the hitching post and they let the rest of them know what they had learned. About how long it will take to get out of the swamp, that it’s pretty dangerous out there if you don’t know what you are doing, and that they shouldn’t camp out near the shack.
○ The group discusses what they should do and Ari suggests they should really continue on and camp outside.
○ They ask Thord about what he wants to do and he says the place is smell and he doesn’t trust it. Last time he came through they encountered a snake as thick around as his waist, but at that point they had the necromancer to help out.
○ Groot and Optimus look around and determine it will be pretty scary out there, so they should probably just sleep in the Inn.
○ Ari still would rather fight the monsters in the swamp rather than the people in the town, but the group prevails and they decide to sleep in the Inn.
○ Plan in hand, they take the horses to the stable.
○ They get to the stables and find a man missing most of his teeth looking over a couple of nags. They greet him and ask if there is room in the stables for their horses and possibly if they could stay in the stables as well.
○ The stable keep mentions it’s a little wet, but if they want to. They head in to the stables with the horses and look around. The ground is rather muddy and wet which would probably be fine for the horses, but not as fine for the people.
○ Morfear asks about the loft and the stable keep (one Merv), shows them a ladder leading up to a small second level in the rafters. It looks like it might fit a couple of people.
○ Morfear suggests leaving Groot here with the rest heading back into town. They haggle with Merv over a price for the horses and a couple of people staying in the loft and settle on 1sp for everything.
○ Ari asks about other horses and Merv mentions they don’t have a lot of travelers coming through right now with winter starting to come on, but there is some kind of trading caravan coming in soon. Ari mnentions they may have passed it on the road.
○ Ari asks if there are any options for the Inn and Merv mentions only the one. When asked about entertainment, he mentions drinking.
○ After a short discussion amongst themselves, they leave Groot and Optimus at the stables to stay in the loft and the rest head in to town to the Inn.
• Evening
○ At the Swamp Moss Inn, they find a women behind the bar named Gwindle. She’s a handsome lady. She mentions “ve have rooms here and ze beer is very goot.” They asks for three rooms and divvy them up with the two dwarves in one room, Ari and Eran in another, and Brandis and Mari in the last room.
○ They settle down in the main room and partake of some dinner (some kind of rubbery chicken, when asked they find out it is alligator) and refreshment.
○ The inn itself is rather empty except for them. Asked about it Gwindle mentions the locals mostly partake at the tavern and the inn is for travelers.
○ After dinner, Ari heads with some food down to the stables and checks on the horses as well as Groot and Optimus.
○ After a little bit of sitting around the main room of the inn, the adventurers decide to head off to bed.

Rova the 29th, 4701AR
• After Midnight
○ Ari is having a dream about meditating on top of his quarterstaff when in the dream a soft click occurs to his right. In the dream, he looks at it and notices an iron lock and doorknob. The doorknob is slowly turning. This is enough for him to wake up where he notices a masked person slowly opening a drawer and another person in the doorway with a crossbow and a halberd.
○ At the same time, a noise wakes Morfear and he sees a masked man entering his room.
○ Awoken by the bandits, but surprised, the group attempts to mobilize while the bandits scramble to silence them.
○ Ari quickly stands up and shouts, “Don’t Take My Stuff!!” as he leaps across the room and attacks the man in the doorway.
○ A fierce battle erupts in the inn’s rooms as the adventurers (minus Groot and Optimus) and several thieves. Our intrepid party wakes themselves and fights back pushing the bandits from the rooms and into the hall where they take advantage of their superior abilities to take down them down
○ After it is all over, Brandis sends out his air elemental to search for more, while a small voice calls from the stairs, “vat ist going on up there?”
○ The heroes search the bodies and find nothing identifying them or anything of value and throw their bodies out the window at the end of the hall out in to the swamp before heading back to bed.
• Morning
○ In the morning, Ari heads down to the stables and collects Optimus and Groot who are bleary-eyed from their semi-restful night in the loft. He tells them to head up to the inn as some of the others are still sleeping after getting attacked in the night. Ari stays with the horses while Optimus heads up to the inn.
○ After eating (with Optimus) the rest of the group at the inn makes their way back to the stables. As they are walking down the boardwalk, they see the sheriff walking on the other side staring at them with a puzzled look on his face. They smile and wave at the sheriff.
○ Collecting their companions and their horses, the adventurers strike back out on the road towards the Fenwall mountains.
○ The road continues to follow the course of the Yondabakari river and they trudge through the swamp mud following the road.
• Evening
○ They pass an uneventful day traveling through the swamp and they notice the marshes starting to get a little further apart as they make camp.

Rova the 30th, 4701AR
• Morning
○ They awake in the morning, refreshed from their rest.
○ As they are eating their breakfast, another patrol comes down the road. This patrol is not from Magnimar. Instead, it seems to be a patrol composed of gnomes. Our heroes are intrigued.
○ The patrol comes to a halt near the camp and one who looks to be the leader hops down from his pony and says, “Hail and well met!”
○ Ari greets him in kind. The gnome mentions they are in their forest. Mari says, “there’s no place like gnomes,” and the gnome looks at her askance.
○ Ari mentions not to mind her as she is a bit daft in the head, and the gnome asks if they have had her looked after.
○ The gnome suggests a nice lavender wash for her hair which should help get rid of any mental demons lodge in her head.
○ Mari asks about salt and the gnome has no idea what she is talking about. She then asks if he has any lavender and where he smokes it and he looks at her incredulously, but with a twinkle in his eye.
○ “What are you doing here in our forest,” the gnome asks with a serious bent.
○ Ari answers the heroes are heading to the mountains and the gnome asks which mountains. Thord jumps in and says, “the ones on the other side of your forest, igits.”
○ Ari says, “and now you have met our guide.” The gnome remarks on how unpleasant an individual the dwarf is and Ari mentions it’s a good day.
○ Ari mentions they weren’t aware this was gnomish land and asks if their kingdom or village is near here. The gnome mentions they have villages throughout the forest.
○ Morfear asks if they are trespassing and the gnome says no, they were just checking up on the travelers on the road as they patrol the edges of the forest.
○ Ari asks if there is some way to contact them if something comes up. The gnome mentions that if they are headed to Whistledown there is a large contingent of gnomes there who could get word to them.
○ The gnome bids them good day, and he and his patrol continue on. As they head off, one of the other gnomes turns to another and says, “those are some strange people.”
○ They break camp and head out down the road.
• Mid-day
○ As they make it out of the forest and head in to the rolling hills, they notice a yellowish-red glow on the horizon to the southeast and black clouds in the sky in the same direction.
○ Ari asks Thord if that is where they are headed and he says there next stop is Whistledown, but the glow seems to be coming from the direction of Thunder Hollow, a small forest in the foothills of the Fenwalls.
○ They continue on the road.
• Late Afternoon
○ They pass by some gnomish farmers on the road heading in either direction in twos and threes. Most are headed the opposite direction with empty wagons.
○ The adventurers ask about the glow to the southeast and the farmers mention there is a rumor that a fire has broken out in Thunder Hollow.
• Evening
○ They camp alongside the road. A light drizzle makes there night quite miserable.

Lamashan the 1st, 4701AR
• Morning
○ The next day, they break camp and continue along the road.
• Late Morning
○ They pass by more and more signs of civilization as they encounter cottages of farmers and the occasional thorp which is no more than a few farming cottages together.
○ The heavy wood smoke falls to their right as the road cuts more northerly across the hills.
• Mid-day
○ They ride atop a hill and below them they see a rather large lake in the distance with a small town perched on the shore where the lake empties in to the river.
• Mid Afternoon
○ As they approach the small town, a haunting melody is light upon the air and soon they are in the town proper and they notice the music comes from charms hanging from the eaves of small houses which seem to sized for children. The melody reaches a certain level which is almost on the grating side, but not quite.
○ As they look for a place to stay of the night, they notice a large number of gnomes in the town seemingly three gnomes for every human they see.
○ As they pass by a gnome woman sweeping her step, Ari asks if there is an inn in the town and she says, “Yes, ye would be seeking the Copper Dulcimer and it has rooms for your size.”
○ Mari asks if there is an alchemist or herbalist in the town. The woman mentions they don’t have either of those, but there used to be a wizard, but he hasn’t been seen for a couple years.
○ Morfear asks the woman if the music has some significance and she looks puzzled before answering it is just the wind passing through the chimes. He asks if the music always plays and she responds, “yes, when the wind blows.” Morfear continues his line of questions about the chimes and asks if they are used to drive something off, and the woman respond, “no, just have them for the sound.”
○ Mari asks about any healers in town, and the woman directs her to the local shrine to Desna.
○ They head to the Copper Dulcimer and speak with the proprietor, one Broldrer, is amicable enough. They rent some rooms and settle in.
○ They sit down and have an early dinner which turns out to be an experiment in cuisine. Brol brings them some kind of mashed sweet potato kind of concoction in a small bowl. After a little bit, a small woman comes out and asks how the steak beetles taste. The heroes mention they are decent. The rest of the dinner is rather normal afterwards.
○ After dinner, the Mari and Morfear head over to the shrine. They find a small roundish building that seems to be more gnome sized than human sized.
○ They knock on the door and notice a small shutter on the door open and some eyes look out before closing the shutter and opening the door. A rather young gnome steps out asks if she could help them.
○ Mari asks if they could come in and the gnome responds that she is unsure they would fit.
○ The gnome mentions her name is Fiera and that she is the priestess who is caretaking the shrine of Desna.
○ Mari asks if she has ever heard of Shadovar salt. The gnome mentions she has heard of it and that it is a nasty, nasty substance. Mari asks if she knows where some might be found and the gnome shakes her head no.
○ Mari follows that up with a question about how the priestess has heard about it. To which the gnome responds, “as part of her studies up north in the forest. That it was something to avoid.”
○ Mari then asks about Desna and whether she could make a donation, and she donates three copper pieces to the shrine and asks if some prayers could be made to speed them on their journey.
○ The gnome nods and asks where they are headed. To which Mari mentions they are headed to Ironhold. The gnome looks a little confused and mentions Ironhold has been lost for over a century. The dwarves there were assuredly dead by now.
○ Mari then asks about Thunder Hollow and the gnome shakes her head and says, not sure what is going over there, but it looks it might be on fire or at least it might have been on fire.
○ Mari and the gnome spend some time on general chit-chat before Mari asks if the shrine or priestess has any healing potions. Fiera mentions she is sorry, but they don’t have any. Mari presses by asking if there is a place where they could find some. Fiera doesn’t know of any place in the village.
○ Mari seems incredulous that a place wouldn’t need healing potions and asks where they go to get their healing. Fiera says they are a bit more holistic and depend upon herbs, poultices, and teas. She thinks a bit more before mentioning they used to have a wizard, but he’s been missing for a while now, but he might have been able to make some.
○ Mari questions where he was headed and Fiera says she has no idea, one day he was around and a month later people started to realize they hadn’t seen him in a while.
○ “What was his name,” Mari asked. “Hobarth.”
○ Morfear asks if he had a house around here and Fiera mentions he had a tower by the lake.
○ Mari asks if everyone has been there to check on him since he disappeared. Fiera thinks for a bit before answering that some people had claimed salvage on the tower and had went in. They never seemed to come back out.
○ Mari asks if anyone would mind if they searched the tower and Fiera shrugs as it isn’t her place to worry about those sorts of things, but she would avoid the tower if she were them.
○ Mari asks if there is someone they should ask permission of before they go and Fiera mentions maybe the town hall, but she has no real idea if they need to talk with anyone.
○ Mari thanks Fiera for her time and she and Morfear head back to the inn where they talk to the rest of the group about the wizard’s tower.
○ Ari asks about the fire as well and Brol mentions the fire had started three days ago and no one knows what started the fire. Yesterday, a ranger came through and said the entire forest had burned. Brol has no idea what is going on over there, but the ranger had mentioned it had mostly burned out. Ari asks if the ranger was still in town and Brol says he will ask around.
○ They ask Brol about the wizard’s tower and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Pressed, he insists he will not talk about it and starts ignoring people who ask about it.
○ The group heads out to the town hall to talk with the mayor. Again this building is similar in size to the shrine, but there is a human sized building connected to it.
○ Inside they find a man sitting at a small desk writing in a ledger. He looks up as they enter and asks if he can help them.
○ Mari asks if the mayor is available and the gnome mentions he is currently indisposed, but what can he do for them.
○ Mari just wants to ask some questions about the Hobarth tower. The gnome becomes a bit more wary and asks, “what would those be?”
○ Mari asks if they need to do something to claim salvage. Ari mentions they had heard about adventurers who had never come back and wanted to offer their services to look in to it.
○ The gnome mentions this had happened a year ago and they probably don’t need any help now.
○ Mari says “well we would like to look around a bit,” while Ari says, “we want to get their remains for relatives.”
○ The gnome says, “ok, and what are you asking exactly?” Ari mentions they don’t where the tower is and the gnome says, “that’s good. You probably shouldn’t know where it is. It’s dangerous if several adventurers have been in there.”
○ Mari asks if anyone knows the adventurers names or a description of them and the gnome says he does not, but maybe they should ask around.
○ Ari says they just want to go through official channels. The gnome says he doesn’t know if they need to do anything. If it is a ruin that no one has claimed, then they can certainly claim it.
○ Ari presses for the location of the tower yet again and the gnome tells them it is on a small bluff overlooking the lake on the north side of town. Ari asks how far is this and the gnome heads out the door and points out a location on the north side of the lake and gives them directions to a large oak tree and just to the left of it can just be made out a tower.
○ Ari guesses they could make it there in about an hour or two.
○ Mari then asks if the town has an orphanage or some other charitable organization they could donate to and Mari two copper pieces to the general town fund.
○ Ari thanks the man for his time and they head back to the inn.
○ They discuss whether they should head to the tower and decide with the horses they could make good time.
○ They ride down past the docks and along the shore of the lake for an hour and then away from the shore to a bluff with a tower on it.
• Late Afternoon
○ They ride up to the tower and dismount, tying the horses to a nearby tree. About twenty to twenty-five feet out around the tower they find the grass is all dead.
○ Morfear and Optimus check for magic and there find there is definitely magic around the tower.
○ Brandis takes a look at the grass and is unsure what might have killed it.
○ Ari searches about and looks for any remains of a camp or tracks of some kind. Other than some outbuildings which have fallen in to disrepair, there is nothing else of interest.
○ Steeling themselves, they head up to the wooden door…



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