Legends of Golarion

Lair of the Rat King

Cursed Crypt of Ambergul


• Groot
• Morfear
• Ari
• Mari
• Brandis
• Eran – NPC

Quests In Progress

• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Find and apprehend Darwa Dalion.

Quests Completed



Received: 250
Total: 4650


+1000cp found in rat warren
+300sp found in rat warren
+60gp found in rat warren
Staff of Storms +1 found in rat warren
Belt of Endurance found in rat warren

Timeline of Events

Rova the 8th
• Late-Afternoon
○ Having found what looked to be a secret tunnel, the adventurers entered to explore it.
○ They immediately find some mining equipment and determine this large tunnel looks to be trying to break in to the basement.
○ They noticed a smaller tunnel, almost like a burrow, leading off from the main tunnel. The burrow was about three feet in diameter and led off from the main tunnel.
○ Ari lit a torch and explored down the tunnel. After a short way it twisted and turned. Some squeaking could be heard. He decided to back out from the burrow.
○ They continued up the main tunnel and found a hall heading to their left. This hall leads to an unlocked door.
○ Inside the room was a barrel of water and a broken barrel. Nothing else seemed to be present in the room.
○ Another small burrow was found leading from the small offshoot hall. Following this one led again to various curves.
○ Eran sees some rats in the first tunnel and it ducks back in.
○ Ari head downs the second tunnel and finds it to be similar to the first one and twists after a little bit. He continues on and reaches another bend in the tunnel. Morfear hears something else in the tunnel, something that is not a rat.
○ Morfear collapses the one tunnel and is about to collapse another tunnel when he notices something which is not a rat looking from around a tunnel corner. The floors and the wall around it is moving. Groot takes a look down the tunnel and realizes there are a lot of rats and mice swarming around a kobold.
○ Morfear collapses the first tunnel.
○ The group heads back in to the basement and set up a deadfall trap over the burrow tunnel in the basement.
○ Ari heads upstairs and talks with Ven about the danger in the basement. Ven asks them about the rats in the basement and Ven seems very concerned about the danger.
○ Morfear then asks more about Ven’s history. Ven and his family have been in the area since the founding of Sandpoint. Most of the items in the cellar are out of season items.
○ Morfear then broaches money for removing the problem. Ven says they would get a 5% discount. Morfear tries to shame Ven in to paying more. Ven eventually goes to a 5% discount for the next month and Ari herds everyone back down in to the cellar.
○ Groot heard some scraping at the collapsed burrow.
○ Morfear sees a rat from the open burrow and tries to kill it, but it gets away before he can get his spell off.
○ Mari pokes her sword through the dirt to see how far it can go through.
○ The group discusses their options while the rats continue to burrow through the collapsed tunnels.
○ Morfear tries to figure out where the tunnels are in relation to the city above and the drawn map they have.
○ They search around in the store room a little more and check for footprints other than theirs. They find some tracks well up the hewn tunnel.
○ After all of this, they discover the rats have dug back through the collapsed tunnels. Ari heads up the burrow near the store room and heads in further than before and finds what looks to be a den of sorts and several rats swarms which attack.
○ A long battle with the rats starts with Ari and Groot backing out of the tunnels while fighting off the swarms. Eventually, they make it out and the kobold shows up in the main tunnel with more swarms.
○ The party defeats the swarms, but the kobold ducks back in to the warrens. Ari follows the kobold in as Mari follows the other tunnel to try to trap them.
○ Morfear attempts to dig through the store room wall and collapses a portion of the store room as well as the burrow on the other side.
○ The party makes it into another rat den and finally confronts the kobold and some more rat swarms. They defeat the rat swarms and the kobold while Mari is wandering the rest of the burrow.
○ They search the burrow and find loose change, a belt, and a staff on a dead and picked over skeleton.
• Evening
○ They head back up in to the store and show the body to Ven and tell him they are coming back to explore the passage. Ven provides them with the rope they wanted and agrees to not tell the authorities until they have had a chance to search the tunnel.
○ They head back to the Black Stag to meet up with Halavar Trask to go over the caravan job.
○ Halavar seems somewhat impressed by the size of the group and offers them the job. He increases the fee to 100gp for the trip and then heads out to start preparing after telling them to meet the caravan by the temple at mid-day.
○ The group heads up to bed where they quickly fall asleep.

Rova the 9th
• Morning
○ In the morning, they decide to do a little bit of exploring of the tunnels before meeting Halavar at the temple.
○ On the way there, a couple of them (Mari and Groot) went by way of Hannah Verelin’s herb shop to see if they could get some information on the whereabouts of the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
○ They found Hannah’s door locked and the house silent. A passer-by mentions she had already headed out to gather herbs and probably wouldn’t be back until evening.
○ The group continued on and headed to the store where they purchased some items for their caravan trip such as food, torches, rope, etc.
○ They then descended back in to the tunnels to explore them further.
○ Heading up the tunnel, they eventually found a passage heading off to the left off the main tunnel. Following this tunnel led to a dead end where a brick wall had been erected. Looking over the wall, they noticed it seemed to be somewhat old.
○ Heading back to the main tunnel, they continued on until they reached another tunnel heading off on the left. Which way will our stout adventurers go…



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