Legends of Golarion

Roast Dwarf

Cursed Crypt of Ambergul


• Groot
• Morfear
• Ari
• Mari
• Adran
• Optimus
• Eran – NPC

Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 625
Total: 9425


+Spear +1 Flaming
+small ruby
+lustrous pearl
+gargoyle amulet with tiny ruby eyes
+lantern with crystal windows
+ebony chair inlaid with gold leaf patterns
+easel made of purplish wood with gold filigree
+ceremonial jade mask with vaguely crocodilian features
+walking cane capped by a bat’s head with sparkling ruby eyes
+glittering black gem

Timeline of Events

Rova the 24th, 4701AR
• Evening
○ The bone devil quickly falls under the onslaught of the group. While the gargoyles last a little longer, but soon fall as well.
○ From the recording, “It turns out Monks jump a lot. Morfear knows how to get out and where the treasure is. And Groot is stupid.”
○ Assaran broods over Nevil’s corpse and says he needs to tell his sister. Ari asks if that is the same as his fiancee and he says no she’s a hag.
○ Ari then breaks the summoning circle by breaking the chains.
○ Meanwhile, Optimus looks over the weapons on the wall and determines a spear is magical. Looking over the spear, he is able to determine it is a flaming magical spear.
○ Ari looks over the rest of the room, and finds a small leather pouch with 50sp in it under Nevil. He also finds a small ruby in Nevil’s sleeve and asks Eran to determine it’s worth. He says 10gp and there is some concern he is lowballing it.
○ Mari spends some time trying to commune with the water and determines it heads down deeper in to a cave.
○ They discuss where they might head next and it is between the stream or the pool room.
○ The group then heads through the hole in the wall to follow the river for about 30 yards before stopping. The river steadily gets deeper. They notice the river curve just on the edge of their torchlight.
○ They turn around and head back through the stone double doors, past the corpse of the lurker and the trapper, past the slightly glowing double doors, under the portcullis and back through the long hall before reaching the room with the mirrors on the ceiling.
○ Here they pause as Morfear decides whether or not he wants to break the mirrors. Finally, he decides to throw a rock at one of the mirrors breaking it. Through the broken mirror, they see a stone ceiling.
○ He breaks two more mirrors before they notice a dark hole in the ceiling.
○ Ari leaps up in to the empty hole with a torch where he finds twelve corroding coffins. Eight of the coffins burst open as wights come spilling out.
○ Caught up in the room by himself, Ari moves further in to it while several of the wights drop through the open hole in to the room below to attack the rest of the group.
○ Escaping the wights, Ari drops back in to the main room with the rest of the group and is able to help the rest of the party defeat the wights.
○ After defeating the wights, Ari searches their dead bodies and finds some ancient armor on one of them as well as a lustrous black pearl on the pomel of his sword and an amulet of a grinning gargoyle face. None of which is magic.
○ They then climb up in to the secret area and search the coffins and they find nothing of interest.
○ Feeling very much exhausted from the ordeals of the past several hours, they decide to take a long rest in this defendable area.

Rova the 25th, 4701AR
• Early Morning
○ After their long rest, the party continues on into the pool room and then head down towards the door on the other end.
○ Groot looks to determine if the door is unlocked and gets a small shock from the knob. He then tries to knock the door down before trying the knob again and opening the door.
○ Behind the door, they found a long dark corridor. The walls of which steadily become less and less maintained as they head down it until the walls become bare gray plaster.
○ As they head down the hall, they search for secret doors, but eventually they reach a ledge over a small stream. On the other side the corridor ends in a brick wall. Morfear thinks this is the same stream from the gargoyle room.
○ Mari jumps in the five foot deep stream and she starts getting swept down the stream. She muscles her way back up stream and like a salmon leaps from the water and climbs back on to the corridor.
○ They head back down the corridor to the pool room.
○ They look at the large hallway on the other side of the pool room and notice another portcullis on this end of the long hallway. This portcullis is partially raised. On the south end of the hall (on the other side of the portcullis), they see a broken statue and a ruined cave-like entrance in the back. In the middle, there are three life-sized minotaur statues and a cart covered with a tarp.
○ Optimus teleports to the other side and tries to move one of the minotaur statues. At the same time, Morfear heads under the portcullis and starts to look around.
○ Optimus tries to move another and is unable to move them.
○ Morfear heads over to the cart and looks around. He looks inside and finds various art objects.
○ Mari finally enters the room and checks to see if any of the items are magical. None of them seem to be magical.
○ Ari and the rest of the group head under the portcullis and check the dais at the end. All around the dais are several large, broken stones. Ari believes this pieces might come from a statue. Several others look at it and determine the statue was probably a gorgon.
○ Ari continues to explore the end and starts to head down the roughhewn tunnel. A few moments later, the rest of the group follows.
○ They continue down the passage with Mari and Ari in the lead and Groot and Optimus next followed by the rest of the group.
○ The passage widens into a small room where they find three more minotaurs.
○ After a short, furious battle during which they heard a voice shout from further down the passage, “Tu AKH pah VOS tuvosh!” (which means “Your father was a beardless coward!” in Goblin), “You can cook me an’ eat me, but be damned if I’m gonna taste good!”, and “Grit? Lump? Is that you?”, as well as Mari taking a massive blow from the minotaurs, they are victoriuous.
○ As she comes to, Mari shouts, “Mamma booga is that you?”
○ Ari and Groot start looking around and Adran mentions there is a door in a wall to the south. Groot opens the door and finds a damp corridor beyond.
○ Suddenly they hear, “Hey, what’s going on out there?” The group abandons the secret passage and heads north in to a hot roughhewn cave. In front of an alcove filled with flame is a half-naked dwarf on a spit. When he notices the group he says, “Quit admirin’ the view an’ cut me down, ijits! I’m roastin’ alive!”
○ Ari cuts the dwarf down and Assaran recognizes the dwarf saying, “Thord, we’ve found you.”
○ Ari looks in the flaming alcove and notices there doesn’t seem to be any origin of the fire.
○ Morfear determines it is magical, but is unsure of the type.
○ Looking over Thord, he is a bald dwarf with a braided double beard and partially rotten teeth. He thanks them for cutting him down.
○ Thord mentions the last time he had seen Assaran, he was stone and he would have taken him home, but the statue was too heavy.
○ Ari ask Thord how he had been caught. Thord mentions he fell in to the stream as he was trying to leave and when he got out of the stream he was caught by the minotaurs and held for a bit before just now being put on the spit.
○ Groot and Morfear search the minotaurs and find nothing of value.
○ Morfear asks Thord about the crystal. Thord mentions he took the item out of the altar and gave it to Lump who probably still has it.
○ As they take a rest, Thord mentions the exploits of the band previous to this. How they had fought the wraiths and lost two people. How Grit found a sword and chased off the wraiths. They then swam upstream and bribed the gargoyles. The lurker then dropped on bear and went through the secret door and in to the altar room. Darwa then tried to open the altar with the lightning bolt which turned her to stone.
○ Mari asks if Thord can take them back to the last place they saw Lump. Thord mentions it was the room with the gargoyles.
○ Ari then asks about why Thord was working with Darwa. He mentions that she and her friends were keeping the halls from collapsing. He then mentions Ironhold.
○ Mari asks if he knows Mamma Booga and he responds in the affirmative. When asked if she was his wife, he says no.
○ Morfear asks Thord if he is an apprentice to Arvik, and Thord says hell no that guy is scary is all get out and that necromancy is for suckers.
○ Ari mentions to Thord he could travel with them and he agrees for now. Ari also asks about where Arvik might be and Thord mentions last he knew he was in Sandpoint.
○ After Thord has rested a bit, they head out of the hot cave and to the west where they find the river empties in to a rather large underground lake. In the lake is a huge black dragon statue and a huge stone with an iron chest chained to it.
○ Ari ask Thord if he came this way, but he says no not this way.
○ Mari swims out to the huge block and Ari swims to the black dragon statue.
○ Ari makes it to the statue and climbs on to the base. He notices the left eye has a glittering black gem.
○ Ari looks around for traps and then climbs up on the statue and pries the gem out of the eye.
○ Meanwhile, Mari has climbed on the block and examines the iron chest which is chain to the top of the block.
○ Mari checks the area for magic. She notices a tiny rune etched on to the chests lid. She examines the rune and determines that it is a trap which will fire off if the chest is opened. She also thinks she might be able to disable the trap by scraping the rune off.
○ Mari tries to scrape off the rune and the stone block suddenly tilts towards the north. Mari falls of the cube and in to the pool on the north side and is caught in the current of a whirlpool.
○ Mari swims as fast as she can as the whirlpool slowly sucks her in.
○ Groot and Morfear move a bit out in to the pool and attach a stone to a rope and throw it towards Mari in the whirlpool.
○ Ari starts to move towards Mari as he gets his grappling hook and rope ready.
○ Mari continues to struggle against the whirlpool as it slowly pulls her under. Can her companions save her from a watery doom…


Well recapped!!

Roast Dwarf

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