Legends of Golarion

The Dark Crystal

The Rise of Ironhold



Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 550
Total: 10650


+ 100gp
+ 250sp
+ 3 jade gems
+ 3 potions of healing
+ Dwarven Greaves
+ Brooch of Shielding +2
+ Shroud of Revival

Timeline of Events

Rova the 26th, 4701AR
• Afternoon
○ Four creatures rise from the muck, gurgle something that sounds like a challenge, and attack.
○ After a brief fight with the skum, during which one of them flees in to the cave mouth, the adventurers overcome the amphibious creatures.
○ Ari climbs up on the rubble near the cave entrance to get out of the water while Mari searches the bodies.
○ Morfear moves around searching for secret doors finding none, but he does discover the door is held open by a counter weight mechanism.
○ Ari looks over the water and notices it has a scum on the surface. He notices the floor seems to descend further under the water beyond the cave opening, but there is a soft glow coming from under the water allowing them to see some of the cave floor.
○ About the same time, Mari notices several inscribed circles on the floor under the muck.
○ The group discusses their next move and finally decide to have Mari scout out the water filled cave since she can breathe water.
○ They tie a rope around Mari and she descends in to the water-filled cave. She swims out in to the cave and notices the floor drops to about fifteen to twenty feet below the surface of the water. The ceiling varies about one to two feet above the water for about twenty-five feet before it drops in to the water itself becoming entirely water-filled. On the walls are small crystals which glow with a soft white light.
○ As she reaches the other end, she notices two niches that seem to lead in to another cave.
○ Mari swims through one of the niches and sees a large cavern with several of the amphibious creatures swimming around a large grey crystal with dark moss growing around it. In front of the large crystal, is an even larger amphibious creature looking straight at Mari. Mari starts pulling on the rope and swimming back towards the cave entrance as several of the amphibious creatures peel off and swim after her.
○ The creatures quickly overtake Mari and strike her multiple times. Blood flows freely in to the water from Mari’s many wounds.
○ Mari continues to swim as fast as she can and her companions pull on the rope increasing her speed through the murky water and she is able to get to the cave mouth. She steps back in to the room and tells her companions what she saw and what is coming.
○ A furious battle erupts in the cave mouth as our heroes attempt to hold the creatures in the narrow confines of the cave mouth. They notice steady pulses of light coming from the direction of the crystal cave.
○ The adventurers hold the cave mouth against the amphibious creatures. The steady pulsing of the light continues to occur and so Mari heads in to investigate.
○ While she starts to head off in to the water, Ari asks Thord to help him put pitons in the door. As he is putting a second piton in, it falls out and hits him on the head, knocking him out.
○ Ari steps over the knocked out dwarf and pounds in the second piton.
○ Mari reaches the same place as before and sees the crystal pulsing while the creatures swim around it. Every so often the largest creature stops and seems to listen to something before continuing to swim.
○ Mari swims closer and throws her sword at the largest creature. The sword bursts in front of the crystal making a small crack in it as well as harming the creature. This enrages the creatures and they all converge on Mari and attack her while she frantically pulls on the rope. More blood flows in to the water from Mari.
○ Optimus notices the rope wiggling in the water and he starts pulling on it with Morfear. Mari gets pulled away from the crystal as it pulses.
○ Morfear pulls on the rope again and Mari is pulled through the water. Unfortunately, this is not fast enough to get away from the large creature. It catches up to Mari and claws her multiple times. Mari is badly wounded and falls unconscious as she is pulled through the water.
○ The rest of the adventurers continue to haul on the rope as fast as they can as the creatures continue to swim through the cave to the cave mouth. One of the creatures attempts to pull Mari back towards the cave with the crystal, but is unable to break the rope or the group’s pull.
○ Ari runs in to the room and starts pulling on the rope with the rest of the group. As she just becomes visible, Ari drops the rope and runs in to the water and grabs Mari.
○ The large creature arrives in front of Ari, attacks and hits, and Ari activates his cape to teleport away with Mari.
○ The rest of the creatures arrive in the cave mouth and the battle is joined. The battle is long and tough as it see-saws back and forth. Mari is healed once and rejoins the fray. As all of the leader’s guards engage with the adventurers, the leader heads back to the cave with the crystal and Mari chases after him. The leader seems to get some kind of healing from the crystal and then comes back in to the fray attacking Mari and almost killing her again. She is again pulled back by Morfear back to the cave mouth.
○ After moments of touch and go, the adventurers defeat the guards and the tribal leader. The crystal continues to pulse.
○ Adran uses his potion of healing to heal Mari and get her back to consciousness.
○ Ari looks further at the circles and symbols under the water. Optimus helps him and they determine they were probably scrying circles. Most of them seem to have been destroyed by all of the water. One of them still has some magic left in it, but it is also badly damaged.
○ Mari swims back to the cave with the crystal where it is pulsing and closes on it. The crystal pulses and Mari feels a presence try to enter her mind. She backs away a bit and attacks with her sword damaging.
○ Ari and Optimus swim out on top of the water and then swim through the tunnel in to the other chamber.
○ Optimus makes it in to the other chamber and swims up next to Mari who immediately turns around and attacks him, missing to the side. She then shakes her head and wonders what came over her.
○ Mari tells Optimus not to go near the crystal while Ari looks around the cave and sees other small crystals.
○ Ari watches the crystal for a moment and realizes something is trying to psychically reach through the crystal. Ari tries to mentally reach out with his mind to talk with the presence.
○ Mari moves closer and blasts the crystal with a cyclone of extremely hot steam while Optimus throws his spear at the crystal. The crystal pulses again and Mari feels the presence of another mind and wakes to find herself attacking Optimus again.
○ Ari motions the other two to swim to the top. They head up to the surface where he talks with them about trying to find the creatures lair while he tries to talk with the crystal.
○ Mari ignores Ari and swims back to the crystal and fires a lightning bolt at the crystal while Ari heads over and examines a smaller crystal.
○ As Optimus looks around the cave, another pulse goes off and again takes over the mind Mari and again she wakes to find herself attacking Optimus.
○ Ari puts his hand on the smaller crystal and a presence floods in to his mind and tries to take over his mind. The mind that touches Ari’s is completely alien to him.
○ Ari tries to fish for the moss with his grappling hook while Mari swims away and Optimus tries to grab the moss. He jerks his hand back and then suddenly he goes limp.
○ Ari swims over to Optimus as the crystal pulses. Ari’s mind is invaded by a presence and he finds himself swimming next to Optimus after striking him with one of his claws. He then pulls Optimus up to the surface.
○ Ari swims with Optimus back to the main cave, chasing after Mari. They drag Optimus in to the room where they try to snap him out of his catatonic state.
○ Examining him, they notice on his hand some pustules where he had touched the moss.
○ The group discusses what to do next while they wait for Optimus to come out of this state.
○ They decide to send Groot in to attack the crystal with his crossbow. Groot drinks his potion of poison resistance and then swims with Mari in to cavern and starts firing crossbow bolts at the crystal.
○ Meanwhile, Ari starts searching the bodies of the amphibious creatures. They find no interesting items except for a thong around the leaders neck with a crystal on it. Ari gives the necklace to Morfear and Morfear touches it. Morfear feels a presence takes over his mind.
○ Morfear starts speaking in tongues and Ari strikes the necklace from his hand.
○ Ari asks Morfear what it felt like, and Morfear has no real memory of what happened and what he is talking about.
○ After exhausting almost all of his bolts, the crystal cracks and the pulsing stops. Parts of the crystal falls to the floor of cavern. At the same time, the crystal in the necklace shatters.
○ Groot swims over to the moss and scrapes some of it in to the empty potion bottle. He then swims down and gathers up the spear Optimus had thrown.
○ Mari searches the bottom and picks up the coins, some gems, potions, some armored greaves, a brooch, and a shroud.
○ Mari and Groot swim back to the main room and climb from the water.
○ They have found the moss, but Optimus is still catatonic. How long will he be in this state…



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