Legends of Golarion

Where Are We?

Cursed Crypt of Ambergul


• Groot
• Morfear
• Ari
• Mari
• Brandis
• Adran
• Optimus
• Eran – NPC

Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find out more about the altars.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Find and apprehend Darwa Dalion.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.
• Find Onya’s missing lover.

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 700
Total: 7250


Crystal rod
Longbow of Distance
Four potions of healing
Iron Armbands of Power
Boots of Quickness
Symbol of Hope +2
Three scrolls (dispel magic, remove affliction, remove affliction)

Timeline of Events

Rova the 24th
• Mid-Afternoon
○ Our intrepid heroes fought the flesh golems toe to toe. Returning blow for blow. After two charges from the automatons which bowled through most of the party, the adventurers were finally able to put them down.
○ Assessing their surroundings they determined they had no idea where they were. Some wanted to go back to the misty alcove and try to get back to the main crypt while others wanted to explore the room with pools and columns carved of giants, four storm giants in the center and two frost giants at either end. Further, a statue of a fire giant sat in an alcove on the far side.
○ After a short rest or two, Groot noticed a door and while trying to determine if he should knock it down got distracted by the pools.
○ Groot, as always, rushed in to the room and started throwing copper pieces in to the various pools.
○ In the first, he found a silver liquid and the copper disappeared in to its depths.
○ In the second, he found a blue reflective material which pinged like metal as the copper piece bounced on its surface to the center.
○ In the third, he found a pool of clear water and a chest at the bottom. The copper dropped to the bottom.
○ Morfear moved over near the fire giant statue while Ari and co stayed on the far side of the room.
○ In the fourth, he found it to contain boiling water with an iron trunk. He drops the copper in and it falls buffeted by the boiling water.
○ In the fifth, he found a gold liquid with a black oily substance which changed into the words, “Guess what treasure I contain?”
○ Groot guesses “doors” and the words “Wrong fool, guess again” appear.
○ Groot guesses “grootbeer” and the words “Wrong fool, guess again” appear.
○ Groot guesses “health potions” and the fire giant shoots lines of flames from its eyes which hit Groot and Morfear.
○ At this point, Mari tries to use her frost blade to cool the boiling pool.
○ Groot moves to the nearest pillar and guesses “gold.” The liquid flushes away and gold coins are found on the bottom the pool.
○ Groot says, “ooo pretty.”
○ Ari moves over and looks in the pool and sees a lot of coins. He tries to light the streaks of oil on fire, but it doesn’t burn.
○ Groot descends into the empty pool using a rope attached to the column.
○ Groot starts throwing out the gold coins. Ari looks at a gold piece and doesn’t recognize the picture of the person on one side nor the monument on the other.
○ Ari sends down a backpack to be filled and Groot fills that and then passes it up.
○ Suddenly, the two frost giant columns in the room shudder and shake and two flesh golems come out of the columns and attack.
○ Ari pushes one of the backpacks back in and hits Groot on the head as he is trying to climb out to face the golems.
○ The battle is joined and our heroes take advantage of their experience from the last battle with golems to overwhelm them.
○ During the battle, Brandis had teleported on top of the reflective blue pool and caused it to break apart causing a small vortex to attempt to pull him in. He is able to escape and notices the metal top had become a tornado of knives.
○ Optimus heads over to the clear water and attempts to determine if it is magical. It didn’t seem to be. Brandis checks his work and concurs.
○ They ask Groot to jump in and get the chest. He initially refuses and they try to fish it out with a rope and grapple.
○ Mari checks the blue metal pool and it is empty except for the metal pieces at the bottom.
○ Optimus ties a rope around himself and jumps in to the pool of clear water. He swims to the chest and tries to move it. He ties his rope to it and swims back up.
○ They pull up the chest and a portion of the water forms in to a water elemental which attacks.
○ They quickly dispatch the elemental back to its home plane and then continue to explore the various pools.
○ Ari drops his rope and grappling hook in to the boiling water pool and can’t hook it on the iron trunk. The grappling hook comes back up hot. Adran shoots some arrows at the trunk which bounce off.
○ Mari climbs down in the pit with the metal while Eran picks the lock on the chest.
○ Morfear and Groot continue to pull the gold out of the pool with the gold pieces.
○ Inside the wooden chest, they find the Iron Armbands of Power and the Boots of Quickness.
○ In the pool with the metal, Ari climbs down and discovers a loose flagstone which when moved reveals a casket with the likeness of a vampire carved upon it. They pull the casket up.
○ Ari opens the casket and they find an alien corpse and a small black wooden coffer which contains four potions of healing.
○ Ari cuts the head off the corpse and throws it in the pool of boiling water.
○ Mari drops her grappling hook in to the silver pool and she feels it hit something. As she is pulling it back up, it gets stuck on something. She tries on either side to unstick it to no avail.
○ Morfear holds the rope and then heads in to the pool using the rope as a guide. She can’t see anything due to the silver pool, but still can’t figure out what it is stuck on. She tries to remove the hook, but can’t budge it.
○ Calling Groot over, she convinces him to head in to the pool. He drops down along the rope and is able to rip the grappling hook free. All of the liquid turns in to a green gas and a statue of an archer.
○ Groot is then pulled out by Morfear along with a stone hand clutching a piece of wood. Adran recognizes the wood as a longbow and Morfear determines it is a longbow of distance.
○ Ari and Optimus head over the pool in the far corner of the room and drop the grappling hook in to an opaque pool of bluish liquid. After determining the pool is about ten feet, he pulls it back up and the grappling hook is lost as the rope has been burned through.
○ Morfear suddenly remembers people might have resistance to various damage and suggest they use that to potentially enter the pools.
○ Groot uses his potion of acid resistance and jumps in to the pool. As he sinks to the bottom he feels really cold. At the bottom he finds a stone chest with no handles. He swims back up and gets out.
○ Ari puts his dagger in the acid and it slowly starts to eat it.
○ Ari gives Mari the crowbar and she activates her cloak and heads in to the acid. She gets to the bottom and pries the lid off. Inside is a small chest which she brings to the top. Inside the chest is a holy symbol of hope +2.
○ Ari heads over to the fire giant statue and starts examining it. He notices the eyes are empty cavities and he looks in to them and sees an iron pipe back in the sockets where the fire comes out. He also notices something else in cavity back there. He pulls out a crystal rod. They check for magic on the rod and find it to have a faint transmutation to it.
○ Ari places it in to the hot water, but only the rod heats up a bit. Brandis tries to think at the rod to activate it.
○ They search the room for a bit for levers and things.
○ Optimus then checks the scalding water and takes only a little damage.
○ Morfear tries to determine if there is some way to suck away the water, but doesn’t seem to find anything.
○ Optimus jumps in the water and swims to the bottom where he tries to open the trunk with the crowbar, but is unsuccessful. He heads back up.
○ Heading back in again, he lifts up the trunk and then puts the rope under it and then swims back up. The group pull the trunk up and out of the pool.
○ Finding three locks on it, Eran unlocks all three of the locks and the lid flips open.
○ Inside the trunk they find three scrolls (dispel magic, remove affliction, remove affliction) and 500ep.
○ Flush with treasure, but feeling the effects of multiple fights our heroes discuss their options…


In the character builder, I was unable to find a scroll with “dispel magic” or “dispel” anything. I found a “Disenchant Magic Item” scroll (level 6). Is that the same thing?

Where Are We?

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