Legends of Golarion

Williwick's Tower

The Rise of Ironhold



Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.
• Find Ironhold
• Devastation of Thunder Hollow

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• Where’s Williwick?


Received: 900
Total: 12150


+ large egg-shaped crystal
+ book of summoning rituals
+ 7 beakers with strange liquids

Timeline of Events

Lamashan the 1st, 4701AR
• Late Afternoon
○ Looking over the tower, they notice the tower seems to be about fifteen feet in diameter on the bottom and about thirty-five feet tall. At about twenty-five feet, the tower widens to twenty feet. The tower itself lists a little to one side and several thick boards are holding it up.
○ Groot approaches the gnome-sized iron door and notices a large knocker and a serpent shaped door handle.
○ Groot uses the knocker and bangs on the door. A giant metallic bong is heard from the tower which reverberates through the hills as the door slowly opens inward.
○ Looking through the door, they can see inside the door a couple of short tables flanked by two chairs. Beyond that lies darkness.
○ Given the size of the door, Morfear decides it would be easier for him to enter than the others. As he steps through the door a flash of bluish light occurs and he stumbles forward. After catching himself, he looks around and notices the door looks to be the correct size and height for someone of a dwarven stature. This is strange because when he originally looked through the door, it seemed sized for a gnome.
○ Groot notices Morfear looks a bit bewildered and much smaller in size.
○ Groot laughs and points at Morfear and says you are even shorter than you were at the same time as Morfear exclaims, “hey, it got bigger.”
○ Morfear tells them to come on in. Groot crawls in and the light flashes again. When he stands back up, he is looking Morfear straight in the eyes.
○ Optimus comes up to the door and looks in. He notices Morfear and Groot are the same height.
○ Morfear and Groot look around and notices two tables flanked by chairs as well as some oil lamps on the walls. They find two other doors leading from the room.
○ Eran heads in to the tower and the same thing happens to him. He looks out the door and everything looks large outside.
○ At this point, Groot tries to leave the tower and bounces off a bluish energy that appears in the doorway.
○ This gives Optimus and Adran pause and they remain outside. Morfear and Groot tell them not to come in unless they have to.
○ Morfear wonders if an arrow shot through the door would shrink and Adran fires an arrow. Sure enough, it shrinks as it passes through the doorway.
○ Morfear tries to push the arrow back through the doorway and it hits the bluish shield and stops.
○ Optimus asks Morfear if they should come in and he tells them to stay outside as they may never get out.
○ Optimus and Adran sit down outside to wait while Morfear and Groot look around for some stairs.
○ Groot heads over to the door to the west and opens it up while Morfear searches the entry room.
○ Groot finds what looks to be some sort of walk-in closet. Morfear notices an inscription above the doorway to the outside. It seems to be in gnomish and unfortunately, no one can seem to read it.
○ Oddly, it also looks like the room is extremely clean for a place that should have been empty for at least a year.
○ Groot heads over to the other door and opens it. On the other side, they find a main room with a dining table and six chairs, a glass case with some china and wine bottles, a desiccated body wearing robes on the floor near the wine case with some broken glass similar to the wine bottles near the body, and a statue underneath some stairs to the west.
○ Morfear heads over to the body and checks it over. It looks like the body has been dead for a year or so. He searches the body and finds a ring. Examining the ring, he finds it to be magical.
○ Morfear then heads over to the gnome statue and examines it while Groot starts looking over the stairs and notices it heads upward in to the darkness.
○ Morfear examines the wand on the statue and notices it looks like it is part of the statue. He tries to determine if the statue is magical and determines it is a mundane statue.
○ As Groot starts heading up the stairs, Morfear attempts to remove the wand from the statue. The wand remains firmly attached, but the statue slides forward.
○ Morfear looks over the statue and notices there are some rollers underneath the statue. He pulls the statue to the side and reveals a trapdoor.
○ As he reaches the next floor, Groot sticks the torch up and just his head and looks around the revealed room. In the center of the room is a table and four chairs and to the south is a stove oven with a set of copper pots. There is a hall to the east and the stairs continue up in the southwest of the room.
○ Groot heads over to the hall and opens the door to the north. He finds a bare room with a bed, a nightstand, and some empty shelves on the eastern wall.
○ He heads out of the room and opens one of the doors to the south. Inside, he finds another small room with just a bed and a small drawer on the eastern wall. He looks in the drawer and finds it empty.
○ He opens the last door in the hallway and finds another narrow room with a bed and drawers. These drawers are also empty.
○ Frustrated by the lack of anything of interest, he heads over to the stairs up and notices a trickle of blood coming down the stairs. He looks over the blood and tries to determine what kind of creature it came from. He’s not sure what it came from. He heads back down and tells Morfear about the blood.
○ They discuss their options and decide to head up and look in to the blood trickle as there may be someone in need of aid.
○ Morfear, Groot, and Eran head up the stairs and look over the blood. Continuing up the bloody stairs, they find a door at the top of the stairs. There is a door knob in the center of the door with a keyhole under it. Blood is trickling out of the key hole and down the stairs.
○ Morfear looks through a crack under the door and sees darkness beyond. They ask Eran if there is something he can do, and he declines to take a look.
○ Groot surmises the room might be half full of blood and Morfear attempts to determine if there is any magic involved.
○ Looking through the keyhole, they notice something is blocking the keyhole.
○ Groot knocks on the door. There is no response. Mari wonders if they should go check out the trap door.
○ Ari tries to convince Optimus and Adran to enter the tower with him while Morfear fiddles with the lock and attempts to unlock the door.
○ Morfear pushes his cloak under the door and then pushes the object blocking the keyhole which falls to the ground with a clank and he pulls it back out and sees a key. Morfear unlocks the door and they look inside.
○ Meanwhile, Ari heads in to the tower with Optimus leaving Adran outside. He starts looking around the room and notices the inscription while Optimus heads up the stairs to meet up with the rest of the group.
○ Inside the new room, Morfear sees a chamber which fills the entire tower. There is a richly appointed bed, a desk with an open book on it, and two bookshelves. They also notice a sliding door on the eastern wall.
○ Looking around the room, Morfear notices the bed is richly appointed, the bookshelves are sturdy, and the table is of fine craftsmanship.
○ Groot looks around for the source of the blood. The room itself has no traces of the blood. The blood only seems to be leaking from the door itself and it is still trickling blood.
○ Optimus goes over to the table and looks at the book. The book is bound in human skin and is entitled Communications and Signaling the Beyond.
○ Optimus attempts to hide the book while everyone is looking right at him. Needless to say everyone watches him put it in a bag.
○ Ari, having looked over the first floor, heads up to the third floor with everyone else.
○ Groot heads over to the sliding door and slides it open. Inside is an open shaft running along the back of the tower. There is a dial on the north side of the shaft with numbers numbering 1 through 5 on it. The dial is currently pointed at none of the numbers. In the middle of the shaft hovers a thin disc.
○ Groot reaches to the dial and turns it to point at the 1. The disc starts to descend the shaft.
○ Groot moves the dial back to its original location and nothing seems to happen. He waits for a bit and then puts the dial at the fourth location. After a little bit of time, the disc reappears ascending the shaft and continues right on past the opening.
○ Confused, Groot points the dial at the number 3 and the disc descends and comes to a gentle stop in front of him.
○ The group discusses their options (the trap door on the first level and the shaft they just discovered) before Ari starts looking around for secret doors in the bed room.
○ Optimus studies the shaft and notices it is magical. The disc and parts of the wall are both magical.
○ Groot steps on the disc with Optimus. He says, “going up.” He points the dial at number 4 and they head up. The disc rises up for about six feet before it stops before two different sliding doors. One on the west and one on the east.
○ Groot slides the door the east open and a rubber seal opens with a huff of cold air. Looking around, he notices a small, cold room with a metal box on the eastern wall.
○ Optimus heads in to the room to look at the metal box while Groot opens the other sliding door to reveal a room dominated by a table with eight chairs around it. There is a closed book on the table.
○ Meanwhile, Eran has turned the dial on their floor back to 3 and Ari heads over to the door with the bloody lock while Morfear looks under the bed.. He stabs the door with a dagger, and blood explodes from the door covering him from head to toe.
○ Morfear turns around and notices him covered in blood and just shakes his head telling him to get a bath.
○ Looking at the door, a large hole sits where the keyhole used to be and ichor and gore drips from the top to the bottom. Nasty indeed.
○ The disc starts to lower from the fourth floor as Optimus looks at the metal box. Inside the box, he finds it to be ice cold and filled with several vials of blood. Optimus takes a vial, closes the box, and puts the vial in his pack.
○ Optimus opens the door to the north and finds a room filled with shelves full of old books. Optimus heads in to searches through the stacks of books.
○ At the same time, the disc reaches the third floor and Eran and Mari get on the disc and set it to number 4. It starts to rise up.
○ Groot opens the door to the west of the table and finds a room with a small table and two chairs. There is a blue nimbus on the south wall that looks like an obvious door. A ghostly form appears in one of the chairs and says, “who will answer my riddles three for the opportunity to pass through the door?”
○ Groot asks what happens if he answers them wrong, and the ghost remains silent and then Groot says, “I’ll try.”
○ The ghost smiles and says, “What runs around a city, but never moves?”
○ Groot looks a bit perplexed and starts to think of an answer. Meanwhile. Mari and Eran reach the fourth floor and head in to the room with the table where Mari makes a bee-line to the open book on the table.
○ Mari finds the book on the table to be title, Surviving the Interorbular Ether.
○ As she is looking through the book, she hears Groot say, “a wall.” and another voice respond, “that is correct.”
○ Optimus, in the large library, has discovered a large number of books on glasswork, glassblowing, etc. He has also found a surprising number of tomes discussing light.
○ The ghost says to Groot, “riddle me this. Double my number, I’m less than a score, half my number is less than four. Add one to my double when bakers are near, Days of the week are still greater, I fear.”
○ Groot strains his mental capacity and thinks for a moment before answering, “six.” The ghost looks crestfallen and answers, “yes, that is correct.”
○ After wiping himself off, Ari wraps his grappling hook around the bed, drops the end of the rope down the shaft, and after being filled in on what Morfear found, the two of them head down to the first floor to look over the body.
○ Optimus continues his search through the library and finds books on metallurgy and metal working. As he looks at a couple of these books, they crumble to his touch, so he starts just looking with his eyes and not his hands.
○ He heads over to the desk and finds some unused parchment, an inkwell, gloves, tongs, and an unlit oil lamp with red tinted glass.
○ The ghost smiles and says, “I cover cities and destroy mountains, I make men blind, yet help them see, What am I?”
○ Flush from figuring out the previous two, Groot suddenly looks concerned as he wracks his brain for the answer.
○ Morfear and Ari look over the dead body again, trying to determine what killed him. Unfortunately, they are unable to determine cause of death because of how long ago it happened.
○ Ari searches around again for secret doors and finds only the trap door and no entrance to the elevator. He explores the rest of the level again before heading over to the trap door.
○ Meanwhile, the ghost asks for an answer to the riddle. Groot hems and haws for a bit before he says, “water.” The ghost smiles and says," that is incorrect. It is sand."
○ Eran notices that Groot is now slightly transparent after he missed the riddle.
○ The ghost says, “are you ready for another riddle?” Groot nods in the affirmative and says, “shall we?”
○ The ghost pauses for a moment, before saying, “Of no use to one yet absolute bliss to two. The small boy gets it for nothing. The young man has to lie for it. The old man has to buy it. What is it?”
○ Optimus checks for magic books in the library and finds none and he heads out and looks to see if the disc is in the elevator.
○ Meanwhile, Ari and Morfear open the trap door and peer down the stairs. They are just able to make out a small short hallway that ends in a portcullis. They also notice the slight coppery smell of blood.
○ Groot continues to think about the riddle posed by the ghost as Optimus enters the room. Groot turns to the ghost and says, “love.”
○ The ghost immediately brightens and becomes a little more solid. It says, “that is incorrect. The answer is a kiss.”
○ Groot has faded even more. He asks the ghost, “what happens if I stop and don’t want to go through the door.” The ghost smiles evilly and says, “try it and find out. I’ve been here for a year waiting for someone to take this mantle away from me.”
○ The ghost takes a moment and then says, “What walks with four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three in the evening?”
○ Groot perks right up and says, “oh I know this one, man.”
○ The ghost looks crestfallen, and the blue shimmer disappears as the ghost disappears from view.
○ Groot opens the door and inside he finds another large library. Optimus and Mari start looking through the library.
○ Ari and Morfear head up the stairs and look around the second floor. Searching the rooms on the second floor, they find an iron key and a book under the mattress in one of the rooms. The book seems to be the daily activities of one Argyle Timmons, head servant of Hobarth Williwick.
○ It describes what Argyle did daily. The final entries detail how Hobarth had become more and more cruel as time had gone on and detail Argyle’s plans to flee from the tower.
○ Ari and Morfear continue all the way up to the fourth floor.
○ Optimus and Mari continue searching the second library and discover several books covering communication with other worlds as well as encyclopedias of creatures from beyond. Lastly, they find a lot of scrolls detailing knots.
○ Mari focuses on the books about otherworldly creatures. She finds them to be very interesting, but she has never heard of any of the creatures.
○ Mari then tells Optimus to give her the book he is hiding and he lies about hiding it under the bed and thinking she already had it.
○ About this time, Ari and Morfear make it to the fourth level. They shout out of the opening on the fourth floor saying they are headed to number five.
○ After a moment, the disc reaches the fifth floor. Ari and Morfear step out and see the top of the tower is a single room. On the west side is a podium upon which sits a large open book and two candles which have burned to nubs. In the middle of the room is a large summoning circle inside of which is a rather tall gnome. He looks up at Ari and Morfear and says, “Oh yes, thank you for coming!” The gnome is wearing the height of gnome fashion from two years ago – a nice waist coat, some dapper pants, and a somewhat tattered cape.
○ Ari says, “and you are?” and the gnome responds, “the master of this tower. I was casting a spell and I got stuck in my own summoning circle.”
○ Morfear and Ari step in to the room, but stay close to the levitation shaft.
○ Ari asks how long the gnome has been trapped in the circle and he responds with “what year is it?” After getting the current year, he says, “oh a couple of years I would say.”
○ “Don’t you have to eat or go to the bathroom,” Morfear asks. The gnome looks a little embarrassed as they notice some small piles and a strong odor in the room. “But I am a wizard, so I can whisk it away.”
○ Ari asks what the gnome was summoning and if it is still around here, and the wizard says, “No I don’t think it is around here. I was trying to summon an elemental spirit to speak with it, to find out about how it worked.” He looks at them more intently and says, “all I need you to do is just smudge the circle and I am free, could you just smudge the circle?”
○ Ari and Morfear share a look before Ari says, “let’s hold off on that. We have some companions who could probably help you more. What is your name, wizard?”
○ The gnome looks confused for a moment, but covers it up well and says, “my name is Hobarth, Hobarth Williwick at your service. This is my tower.”
○ Morfear asks the wizards, “how does one get out of here?” “You go through the front door,” the gnome responds. Morfear says, “we can’t go through the front door, it’s a one way door for us.” “It is not a one way door. Did you not speak the gnomish saying?” Morfear responds, “We don’t know the gnomish saying.”
○ Ari and Morfear discuss getting their wizard friends from below as they don’t want to accidentally free an elemental.
○ Hobarth says, “wait, all you need to do is to break the circle. I’ll give you money.” Ari turns and says, “it’s been two years, ten minutes won’t matter much. We’ve had some unfortunate problems with magic, so it makes sense to get the experts.”
○ About the time, Hobarth’s voice drops to an echoey rasp and says, “release me mortals or suffer my wrath.”
○ Ari turns to Morfear and says, “don’t want any extra people coming out, so I think we’ll just hold off for now.”
○ The gnomes feature change a bit, becoming more demonic and it says, “Release me or I will torment your souls for all eternity.”
○ Ari and Morfear taunt the wizard by saying if he could do that why couldn’t he just get out of the simple circle.
○ The wizard starts raging and ranting and foaming at the mouth. Call out all kinds of curses at Ari and Morfear.
○ Optimus and Groot reach the level right as the wizards fires a lightning bolt which bounces off a half-sphere which bounces around the sphere and hits him.
○ Ari heads over to the stand and looks at the book. The book at the podium has no title, but there are a bunch of handwritten notes in it. Ari marks the place and closes the book. The wizard continues to spout insults and curses.
○ Next to the stand are two smaller stands one of which holds a crystal the size of a gnome’s head and another which is empty. Optimus looks over the crystal. It doesn’t seem to be magical.
○ Ari suggests they head down a floor to look over the book and the wizard shouts, “do not leave before freeing me.”
○ Mari changes the dial on the fourth floor and the disc starts to head to the fourth floor. Ari attempts to jump on to the disc. Unfortunately, he doesn’t land on the disc and starts falling down the shaft and he sees the fourth floor go by and then the third floor at which attempt to grab the rope he had set up before.
○ He grabs the rope and stops himself, but the bed doesn’t hold and it slams into the elevator shaft.
○ Ari climbs up the rope and on to the third floor. He moves the bed out of the elevator shaft and waits for the others to come down.
○ Meanwhile, up above, Optimus is checking out what kind of magic the wizard was using and determine it is conjuration. All the while, the wizard is screaming and cursing.
○ Eran sticks his head over the shaft and says is everyone all right down there. Ari mentions he is ok and that they found a possessed wizard upstairs and that he has some kind of book and that he is coming back up.
○ Ari climbs up the shaft and arrives at the fourth floor. He stops Mari and Eran from getting on the disc and the disc heads back up to the fifth floor. Optimus and Groot get on the disc and leave Morfear to listen to the wizards cursing.
○ Getting on the fourth floor, Optimus and Mari look over the book found next to the summoning circle.
○ Morfear calls the disc up, gets on it and heads back to the fourth floor.
○ Meanwhile, Optimus determines the other language is arcane and wants to read the book to determine what is possessing Hobarth. Morfear questions what they will gain by learning this information and whether they should just leave the wizard here to rot.
○ Optimus just wants to know what the demon is so they could potentially get rid of it.
○ Ari and Morfear discuss how they might remove the demon, but aren’t sure what they would need to do to make it happen. More discussion occurs about what they will gain from this.
○ Ari heads down to get Adran to come in to the tower. At the same time, Morfear performs his ritual to comprehend languages.
○ After completing the ritual, Morfear heads down to the first floor and reads the inscription over the door which says, ‘Speak exit and grow!" He says exit in gnomish and he is able to leave the tower, growing back to his normal size.
○ He heads back in to the tower and tells everyone how to speak exit in gnomish, but Ari figures out that only one person needs to say it before someone leaves.
○ The discussion about the wizard and what to do with him comes up again.
○ Morfear glances through the summoning book. Most of the notes in the book are gnomish and talk about the different things Hobarth tried when summoning various things. Initially, the creatures being summoned are relatively benign such as good fey, but as he progresses through the book, the creatures become more and more dark and dangerous culminating in the last set of notes which describe a demon called Fastandulas.
○ The rest of the wording in the book are formulae for summoning various creatures.
○ They decide they should leave the wizard to rot and head back down to the first floor and open the trap door.
○ Groot heads down the ladder while Morfear looks at the boxes next to the statue. He notices they don’t feel very heavy. He tries to open them up and they move. Pushing them to the side, he discovers yet another trap door.
○ Morfear opens the new trap door and looks in. He finds a stair case that leads down in to the darkness.
○ Groot looks in the room at the end of the short hall and notices a small room with two doors and a narrow fissure in the southwest. The coppery scent of blood is strong in the room.
○ Groot tries to lift the portcullis, but can’t. He calls up for somebody to come down and help him. They ask what he can see, and he mentions two doors with plaque’s on them. One reads “Treasure Room” and the other “Workshop.”
○ Optimus descends the ladder and heads over to help Groot lift the portcullis. They lift it up and hear a click. Letting the portcullis go, it stays in place and both Groot and Optimus head in to the room to look at the fissure.
○ Ari heads down to look at the portcullis and a large ghostly spider drops down in the center of the room.
○ A battle erupts between the ghostly spider and the adventurers during which Morfear and Eran check out the other trap door and discover a room full of crates. The crates are all labeled and contain some odd things such as the “sternum of a virgin who ignored misery” and other even more strange items.
○ After killing the creature, they rest for a moment and then head in to the door marked workshop. Inside they discover a table along the east wall and on it is a rack filled with beakers of odd liquids.
○ Optimus heads over to look at the beakers with liquid. About half-way to the beakers, a portcullis falls in the doorway he just left. He looks them over and determines they are magically. He grabs them all and heads back to the room with the fissure and tries to lift the portcullis.
○ He and Groot have a pissing match where Optimus threatens to summon a demon to kill Groot if he doesn’t help lift the portcullis. Finally, he gives up and just teleports in to the room with the fissure.
○ They head over to the treasure room door and Optimus tries to open the door. The iron claw closes on his hand, but he is able to pull it away before it could hurt him. However, he is able to open the door before pulling it away.
○ Inside the room, the adventurers find twelve chests. Optimus heads in and starts opening chests. Inside the first one, he finds a whole bunch of copper pieces. They continue opening chests and find more and more copper pieces. Morfear tries to get them to stop opening chests so they can try to understand what is going on.
○ Morfear pushes them out of the way and looks more closely at the chest. He tries to determine if there is any illusion or anything else. He finds them to be normal.
○ As they go to open the last chest, they find it is locked. Ari heads over and attempts to unlock the chest.
○ Ari unlocks the chest and opens it up to find a small jug containing a monstrous idol. The idol is far too large to have been placed in the jug. Ari asks Morfear to take a look at it.
○ Meanwhile, Groot heads back in to the room with the fissure to look at the fissure. He inspects it some more, but is stilled puzzled by the fissure.
○ Morfear looks over the idol and isn’t able to determine what religion it comes from but he thinks it is a demon in jar.
○ Mari wracks her brain to see if she recognizes the idol to no avail.
○ She wants to take the idol up to the possessed wizard and open it up. The rest don’t want it to happen, but she heads up anyway and shows the jug to the wizard and asks what it is. The wizard continues to spout curses and bangs on the magical shield trying to get at her.
○ She calls it by the name Fastandulas and it continues to scream at her about letting him out or he will dance on her entrails.
○ Mari continues to agitate the possessed wizard.
○ Ari checks for hidden compartments in all of the chests. During this, Eran picks one of the copper pieces and says something is not quite right. Morfear scratches it with a knife and the copper flakes come off and there is rock underneath. After randomly scratching a few of them, they figure they are all rocks instead of actual copper pieces. Mari and Groot take some of it as ammunition.
○ Mari asks if they want to free the wizard and Ari and Morfear want to let him rot for eternity.
○ They head back out and down the other trap door where the open the only door in the room. Beyond that iron door, they find another room with some tables with various dissected animals and bodies, one of which contains a corpse sewed up with golden thread. There is an alcove to the northeast containing five mirrors and a 3’ wide hole in the ceiling and the floor in the southeastern portion of the room surrounded by strange gears, pulleys, and cords. There is a wooden door to the south.
○ They look over the body and determine it to be a middle-aged gnome male which looks to have been dead for about two years. The rest of the bodies are mostly rodents also sewn shut with golden thread. Ari notes the gnome’s features for the future.
○ Ari and Morfear look up the shaft and see that it goes up and down. They can faintly here the ranting of the wizard from above.
○ Morfear looks around for some spare thread.
○ Optimus looks at the table with the microscope, tray of vials, and a box with slides of blood. Morfear puts one of the slides in the microscope and looks at it. Suddenly, the rest of the group notices him put his finger in the blood on the slide and then start to bring it to his mouth. Ari pulls him away and they push his hand down.
○ Ari breaks the microscope and the slides. They leave the vials of blood alone and Optimus put his vial with the rest of the blood vials.
○ Morfear then heads over to the body on the table and he shakes it hoping to hear something jingle. He then unthreads the body and opens up his chest. The organs are all inside and they are quite desiccated, but look like they have just been haphazardly thrown back in to the cavity.
○ Groot is over near the wooden door and hears some muffled sounds on the other side of the door. He is uncertain what they are saying. Meanwhile, Ari sets the dial on the elevator to number 1.
○ Mari is curious as to why the area doesn’t really stink that much given the number of corpses. Most of them are highly desiccated as if they had been down here for quite some time.
○ Optimus heads over to the mirrors and looks at the third one first. He is immediately blinded by an intense light which burns him. He heads over to Mari and asks her to look at them. She looks in to the first one and she sees an idealized version of herself which is stronger, faster, and healthier.
○ Morfear goes and looks in to number five and he screams as part of his soul is sucked in to the mirror.
○ Optimus looks in the second mirror and sees an endless succession of reflections of himself. This causes him to fall catatonic as he stares at the mirror and drools slightly.
○ Groot smashes at the door and it shudders under the blow as the disc reaches the level they are on and continues past and Ari sets the dial to number 2.
○ Morfear pulls the catatonic Optimus from the mirror and he falls unconscious.
○ Groot smashes the door again and the door breaks apart. Inside he sees eight cells down a long corridor and he hears voices shout, “Free Us! Free Us!” as several apparitions come out of the cells and attack.
○ As they fight the ghostly apparitions, Optimus lies unconscious…



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