Thoss Fyurnen

A young black dragon about the size of a horse.


Thoss Fyurnen is a typical young black dragon of average size. The horn on the left side of his head is broken and his face scarred from a fight with a hatchling before his was kicked out of the nest.


Thoss Fyurnen is a relatively recent addition to the Brinestump Marsh. About ten years ago, he discovered a small cave system under an ancient, crumbling temple and claimed it as his own. About five years ago, he was discovered by a clan of lizardfolk looking for a new place to live. A strong will queen arose and proclaimed him a god. Intrigued by the lesser creatures fawnings, Thoss Fyurnen allowed the lizardfolk to live and worship him. About a year ago, Thoss Fyurnen took a mate and a clutch of eggs was laid before his mate took off for reasons unknown.

Thoss Fyurnen

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