Legends of Golarion

Talia's Testimony
The Trial of Arvik Zaltos


“I awoke to a strange chanting in a language I couldn’t understand. The voices were guttural and hoarse, but seemed to be far away. Looking around, I could see the bodies of my friends around the smoking room. Layla looked almost asleep except for the red splotch on the front of

her dress. Willem had a mangled leg and stared ahead as if he was looking for something on the horizon. And Vali, Vali I will never forget," she sobbed.

“Something had torn her limb from limb as if she was a paper doll,” was all the frail looking girl with red hair could utter before she was wracked by more sobs.
She sat in the a small chair in the middle of the chamber, her hands fussing with her homespun dress with its faded floral design. A woman with short cropped auburn hair and piercing black eyes descended from a small dais. She handed the girl a kerchief.
“Take your time Talia. There is no need to hurry,” the soothing voice of Kendra Deverin purred. The Mayor of Sandpoint soothed the girl for a moment before heading back to her chair at the table on dais. She absently smoothed out her simple tunic and pantaloons while she waited for the girl. Occasionally glancing at the iron cage no more than fifteen feet from her.
The council chamber itself was rather plain. A rectangular table with several chairs sat on a dais at one end of the room under a large window. A door to one side led deeper in to the building. Several benches stair stepped along both walls where a smattering of people sat. In the middle of the chamber sat Talia facing the council table. On the wall opposite the table, an archway led to a smaller entry chamber with a well-armed guard on either side of the opening. Several tapestries adorned the walls showing various events in the history of Sandpoint.
“What happened next,” Kendra asked as the girl’s sobs subsided.
“I heard something crashing in the hall outside the room, so I turned my head and looked at the door just in time to see a small creature. It was too busy looking down the hall to notice me but I closed my eyes to slits.” Talia paused as she thought back on the experience, her green eyes wide with remembered fear.
“The creature started saying something in that strange language. The one from the chanting,” she breathed. “Then, a new voice in the hall spoke. A man’s voice speaking in the same language. I opened my eyes just a little more. The creature skittered back a little in to the room as the man appeared in the doorway,” Talia shuddered.
“Did you get a good look at the man?”
“Yes, it was that man,” Talia said matter-of-factly as she pointed at the prisoner bound with manacles and locked in the cage to one side of the council table. The man was disheveled with evidence of having been in some kind of fight. He was medium of height and build and would have been unremarkable except for his bald head, piercing grey eyes, and the twisted tattoos over his head and face which disappeared in to the wool robe he was wearing.
“He was there,” Talia gasped. “And he was talking to it. No, not just talking to it. He was giving it orders, and… and I heard more of them out in the hall and they had attacked and mutilated poor Vali… oh poor Vali” Talia’s voice rose to a shriek as the man’s mouth twisted in to a leering grin…


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