A list of major Varisian races

Chelaxian – Immigrants to the area from the Chelaxian Empire, the previously held colonies of Magnimar and Korvosa have broken free and vie for control of Varisia. Chelaxians possess dark hair and eyes contrasted by pale skin.
Shoanti – The seven ardent tribes of the Shoanti range across the northeastern reaches of Varisia. This tall race is typically ruddy in complexion with shaved heads.
Varisian – The Varisian race can be found all over the world, but most are found wandering the lands of Varisia. This clannish race possesses deep olive skin and hair that ranges from black to auburn, often worn long by men and women alike.

Janderhoff Clan – Hailing from the fortress of the same name, the Janderhoff dwarves can be found in most workshops and smithies around Varisia. Dwarves typically have a dusky skin and black to slate grey hair and eyes, although red hair is not unheard of.

Mierani – The wood elves of the Mierani forest are a very secretive race. Standing taller on average than the typical human, these lithe creatures typically have a tanned or olive skin and forest toned hair and eyes such as greens, browns, and reds.

Sanos – Named after the forest where most Gnomes are found, the Sanos clan are a whimsical race with a deep love of nature. Small in stature, Gnomes typically have a wide variety of bright hair and eye colors (green, yellow, and lavender are common) with pale skin.

Hugelkin – The vast majority of halflings living in Varisia are members of the Hugelkin race. They live in the cities amongst the humans either in small burrow towns alongside the human city or in small shanty towns within the city proper. Hugelkin have almost every hair and eye color imaginable with various shades of skin tone.
Reisekin – A smaller clan of halflings called the Reisekin roam the countryside similar to the Varisians. This clannish sub-race typically has fiery red hair or blonde with green or blue eyes and a pale skin tone.

Half-Elves – Half-elves are typically outcasts from both of their parent races. They will typically favor one race over the other in their look.
Half-Orcs – Half-orcs are typically found with their orc parent or on the fringes of human society such as Riddleport, Kaer Maga, or Urglin. Similar to half-elves, half-orcs favor one race over the other in their look, but also tend to have one characteristic of the orc shine through (larger lower tusks, a flatter nose, etc.).

Diabolical – Tieflings in Varisia are typically members of former Chelaxian noble houses as they have paid the price for their ancestors diabolic contracts. Most tieflings outwardly show very little of their diabolical heritage (maybe red tinged eyes, pointed teeth, a redder skin tone, small horns, or cloven feet), but some are dramatically touched (full horns, red skin, a tail, etc.) and these tend to find themselves outcasts in Varisia.


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