Sandpoint Nobles

Sandpoint was founded by four merchant families from Magnimar as part of a joint venture to expand their businesses and increase their potential for self-rule. This led to the forming of the Sandpoint Mercantile League which served them well for many years. While these families no longer run the League directly, they are still pillars of the community and recognized by all residents of the town.

Kaijitsu Family

The Kaijitsu family is know for it’s glassware and jewelry and runs the glassworks on the western side of Sandpoint. This family is lead by Lonjiku Kaijitsu and is highly successful.

Deverin Family

The Deverin family is known for their tracts of farm land east of the town as well as the various breweries they own. The family is currently led by Kendra Deverin who also the mayor of Sandpoint.

Scarnetti Family

The Scarnetti family is known for their lumber operations and their mill. The family is lead by Titus Scarnetti.

Valdemar Family

The Valdemar family is known for their ship building and carpentry. The family is lead by Ethrem Valdemar.

Sandpoint Nobles

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