Legends of Golarion

In Over Their Heads

Cursed Crypt of Ambergul


• Groot
• Morfear
• Ari
• Mari
• Brandis
• Adran
• Eran – NPC

Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find out more about the altars.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Find and apprehend Darwa Dalion.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.
• Find Onya’s missing lover.

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• None


Received: 350
Total: 6550


Ritual book
Iron Amulet
Three potions of healing
Dagger +2

Timeline of Events

Rova the 24th
• Mid-Morning
○ As the group puzzled over where Groot had disappeared, Groot was pondering over the different runes on the stones. He decided to press the new one (same stone as last time) and the stones changed again.
○ This time he heard his companions calling out for him and responded. He then headed back out in to the crypt.
○ Mari wants to head in to the mist and have Groot show her where he went.
○ A discussion about the necromantic book ensued as Ari wanted the book before they headed in, but Mari balked.
○ The group then discussed about entering the mist hall or continuing to explore the rest of the crypt.
○ Groot discussed what happened (which amounted to the rocks changed and the mist stayed).
○ Ari thought maybe a cone of silence and then discussed Groot falling and hitting his head.
○ They decided to continue exploring the crypt and leave the mist for later.
○ Entering the next crypt room, they find another crypt and with a white casket carved with a woman and a cat. This one was inscribed with Alicia Ambergul.
○ Mari detects a faint aura of transmutation around the room and a strong aura of abjuration on the casket.
○ Morfear opens the casket and finds it empty except for an iron amulet and a book which turned out to be a ritual book.
○ They then checked the amulet for magic and found it to not be magical at all. Morfear rubs it to see if a djinni comes out and nothing happens.
○ Morfear closes the casket back up and the group searches the room for secrets.
○ The group then headed to the last room of the crypt. Here they found a white casket smashed to pieces and a couple of desiccated corpses. They also found what looked to be a door in the wall.
○ Ari starts inspecting the corpses and finds they died of necrotic damage. As he starts looking over the rest of the corpses and several wraiths appear.
○ A titanic battle takes place with the group fighting the insubstantial creatures. Several of the group almost succumb to the wraiths before the undead are put to rest again.
○ Ari then looked in the crypt to see if he could find anything of interest and there was nothing there other than an inscription saying Reynard Ambergul. However, on the bodies he found 60gp, a dagger +2, and three potions of healing.
○ Mari starts eyeing the door while Morfear and Brandis push the point that they need a rest before moving on.
○ Feeling the effects of the battle, Morfear and Ari finally convince Mari to rest before moving on.
• Mid-Afternoon
○ After the rest, Mari opens the door in the wall. Behind the door is hall leading off in to the darkness. They try lighting the torches along the walls which sputter and go back out.
○ Suddenly, the discussion about entering the mist comes back up with Mari and Groot on one side and Ari and Morfear on the other. Ari reminds them of trying to find the kid. Mari and Groot win the argument and they head back to the misty alcove.
○ Looking at the stones, Ari asks Groot what he did and Groot presses the left stone (as opposed to the right one before). Their stomachs seem to drop out and then the runes have changed again.
○ Mari then tries to disperse the mist before the group backs out of the alcove to find themselves in a different place.
○ They found themselves in a room with several object’ de Art and in the center of which sat a divan with a woman and fleshy golem. The woman looks similar to the woman in the painting previously seen except for the snakes covering her head instead of a tiara.
○ The medusa rises from the divan and pulls a bow and arrow and starts shooting the group while the flesh golem charges them.
○ Feeling extremely outmatched, the group back in to the alcove while the flesh golem swings his large fists about him hitting various party members.
○ Brandis presses the left rune and everyone gets shocked.
○ Morfear then presses the center rune and the fluttery feeling comes back briefly and then the runes change again. However, the golem comes with them.
○ They notice a large statue of a dragon outside the alcove. They stand their ground and pummel the flesh golem in to submission.
○ Searching the rest of the room, the discover another alcove with an alabastar urn and a portcullis blocking one end.
○ Groot and Adran notice a plate under the urn while Mari notices the portcullis could be lifted.
○ Mari then opens the portcullis and the dragon spouts steam. Everyone else rolls under the portcullis to get out of the way of the steam.
○ Ari then fires a sling shot at the urn and hits it causes it to wiggle, but not break.
○ Mari tries to get under the portcullis trusting Groot to hold it, but unfortunately, he drops it on her. Lifting it again, they get Mari through.
○ Ari, Adran, and Groot all then hit the urn with a bullet, arrow, and stone respectively causing the urn to break an fall off the pressure plate.
○ Nothing seems to happen until two flesh golems come storming out of the mist. The group starts firing at the flesh golems as well as lifting the portcullis to scald them as they head toward the party.
○ Reaching the portcullis, one of the golems lifts the gate while the other comes through, and the battle is joined…



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