Legends of Golarion


The Rise of Ironhold



Quests In Progress

• Figure out who is stealing from the Sandpoint Merchant League.
• Find evidence of the Sandpoint Devil.
• Find the items needed to remove Groot’s curse.
• Find out what happened to Arvik Zaltos.
• Track down the missing iron from Corlac’s destroyed caravan.
• Devastation of Thunder Hollow

Quests Received

• None

Quests Completed

• Find Ironhold


Received: 750
Total: 12900


+ 1,000gp
+ 10,000gp
+ large pearl
+ set of crystal dice (10gp appraisal from Eran, 50gp appraisal from Brandis)
+ box of narcotic powder (400-500gp appraisal from Eran)

Timeline of Events

Lamashan the 1st, 4701AR
• Late Afternoon
○ The fight against the ghostly apparitions continues as Optimus lies unconscious near the mirrors.
○ The fight rages in the workshop, crate storeroom, the elevator shaft, and the hall of cells. It ebbs and flows as Morfear falls and is healed, but the adventurers eventually prevail. During the combat, Ari is able to check out the various cells in an attempt to destroy the apparitions at the source. He notices there is a cell with a fifteen arm skeleton chained to the wall and another cell with a rotten cadaver chained to the wall. The rest were empty. Ari burns the corpse in the cell, but nothing happens. As the last one fades away, the adventurers here a fading “Free at last…”
○ The group takes a short rest while Ari continues to search the cells.
○ After resting, Morfear and Arihead down in the lift and enter a room with ten treasure chests. Between the lift and chests is a blue nimbus of force. On one side of the room is panel with four levers sitting in a center position.
○ Morfear heads over and pushes up lever one and another force field appears covering the entrance to the levitation shaft.
○ Ari pushes lever one to the down position and the same force field reappears.
○ Morfear pushes the second lever to the down position, and the same force field reappears.
○ Ari pushes the second lever to the up position, and the same force field reappears. Every time they let it go, it returns to the original middle position after a few moments.
○ Ari pushes the third level to the down position, and the same force field reappears. Same when they push it up.
○ Morfear pushes all four of the levers to the up position and a new small force field appears next to the levers, the other field reappears, and the other levers produce a shock which hits Morfear who lets them go.
○ Mari and Groot reach the level at the same time as Morfear touches the closest force field. The field sparks and Morfear jerks his hand back.
○ Ari takes his quarter staff and pushes all of the levers down at the same time. As he does that, the two force fields they have been seeing both reappear. They also notice the closest force field sparks a little.
○ Groot attempts to walk through the force field, but is held back by the force field.
○ Ari pushes all of them up with his staff and notices his staff start to singe, and the same force fields all raise up again, but none of them spark.
○ Ari gets out of the way and Mari takes a crack at it. She pulls down levers one and three at the same time and the force field in front of the elevator turns on, but nothing else happens.
○ She then tries levers one and two and the same thing happens.
○ She then tries levers one and four and the force field behind the levers comes up as does the one in front of the levitation shaft.
○ She then pulls down one, two and four and the same thing happens as the last two levers being pulled down.
○ She then tries one, two, and three, and the force field in front of the levitation shaft comes up, but nothing else.
○ She then tries two, three, and four (all down), the two force fields come up and the field closest to them which was already active sparks a bit. Groot tries to touch it and his hand goes through the field and he continues on the way through. Morfear then follows through.
○ She lets go of lever four and the force field Groot went through stops sparking.
○ She then tries two and three up and the small force field behind her drops, but nothing else happens.
○ She then pushes two, three, and four up and the small force field comes up, the force field near the elevator comes up, and she is shocked by the levers.
○ Mari asks Ari to put one, two, and three in the up position with his staff. He does so and only the force field in front of the shaft turns on.
○ He then tries, one, two, and four, and the same thing happens as well as the staff getting singed again.
○ They try other combinations of one down and two up, or three down and two up, etc. and the only thing that happens is the elevator force field turns on.
○ Finally, Mari tries four down and one up and the furthest force field sparks.
○ She reverses it and gets shocked.
○ They try a couple of other combinations with four up and three down and get shocked. They reverse it and do two up and three down and nothing different happens.
○ Brandis steps in and tries one and two down and three and four up and he is shocked by the levers.
○ He then tries one, two, and three up and lever four down. The last two force fields spark and Morfear and Groot walk through them.
○ Having figured out the force fields, they check in the treasure chests and 1,000gp, 10,000sp, a pearl, a set of crystal dice, and a box of powder.
○ They push the chests out through the force fields and then up through the levitation shaft in to the basement level.
○ As this is happening, Ari searches for secret doors and rooms. Finding nothing else, he heads back and helps everyone get the chests out of the basement, up to the first floor, and out of the tower.
• Evening
○ After moving all of the chests out of the tower, they discuss how they might collapse the door to make it so no one can get in the tower. After realizing smashing the door might collapse the tower, they decide to destroy the lift so it can’t be used to get to the top of the tower.
○ They head over to the exposed machinery in the basement level and start smashing the machinery which causes the disc to fall to the bottom of the shaft.
○ They then add a sign to the table on the first floor saying the wizard is possessed and to leave him to his fate.
○ They head outside and collect their horses and set up a camp. As they are looking around for the campsite, they find a corpse which is pretty much bones. It is gnome sized and there are several rusted items near him as well as some pieces of shattered crystal underneath him. They determine it to be dead about a year and Morfear feels like his skeleton is wrong. The skeleton is human looking, but the wrong size.
○ They give him last rites.
○ They spend the night near the tower.

Lamashan the 2nd, 4701AR
• Early Morning
○ In the morning while they are eating breakfast, Morfear looks over the items trying to determine what the worth might be. As he is looking at the powder, he breathes some in and suddenly the forest becomes alive and bright with colors. The rest look at him funny and realize he is tripping from the powder.
○ They check the egg shaped crystal and the pearl as well, but they remain inconclusive.
○ They discuss where they should put all of these chests and decide to bury it somewhere nearby while they are in Ironhold.
○ Mari heads out in to the lake to see if there is any place there where they could put the chests, but she doesn’t find anything appropriate.
○ They decide to go about one hundred paces north of the tower. They dig a large hole and put the chests in it, then fill it up partially. They then put the skeleton body on top of that with some of the fake copper pieces and then fill the rest in.
• Mid-Afternoon
○ After digging the hole and putting the treasure in it, they finally head back to Whistledown.
• Evening
○ Reaching Whistledown, they find Thord looking a little anxious and starting to prepare to leave. He perks up a bit when they arrive, but seems crestfallen when they suggest staying one more night in Whistledown. He acquiesces, but seems a little perturbed by the delay.

Lamashan the 3rd, 4701AR
• Morning
○ They leave in the morning and follow Thord south towards the Fenwall Mountains. The rolling hills give way to foothills and the smell of wood smoke steadily grows.
• Early Afternoon
○ They come over a rise and they encounter a burned out forest. The trees are blackened and leafless. Boiling ponds and small fires dot the landscape and a black haze lays heavily on the land. They have reached Thunder Hollow.
○ As they follow Thord through the burned out wasteland for the rest of the day wondering what could have caused such a disaster.
• Evening
○ As the light filtering through the heavy clouds starts to wane, they find a spot to camp in for the night. Morfear uses his explorers fire to conceal where their camp is located.

Lamashan the 4th, 4701AR
• Morning
○ As they wake up, Thord is already on his pony waiting for them. They eat a hastily prepared breakfast and then continue on.
○ As they travel the blackened trail, the land becomes more and more mountainous and the mountains seem to loom closer and closer.
• Mid-day
○ They come over a rise and before them carved in the mountains foot is a sprawling quarry. A multi-tiered excavation site full of marble and granite. On the first tier, about twenty feet above ground level, two heavy stone doors have been smashes in exposing a passage leading into the mountain’s base.
○ Looking back, they see the burned out forest leads almost all the way up to the base of the mountain.
○ Speaking with Thord, they ask if they can just head right in the doors. He suggests that might get them killed. He mentions there is a secret door on the second level they could possibly use to get in. That entrance is near where Grit has his rooms in the hold.
○ Ari asks if they could just make through the front door and Thord mentions the goblins would probably attack first and ask questions never. When asked if he could just walk through, Thord says yes, the goblins would recognize him and let him through. They might ask some questions, but nothing bad would happen.
○ Ari suggests they could go through as his cousins and Thord shakes his head, points at Morfear, and says that one might pass as a cousin, but the rest of you would not.
○ They find a place to stable their horses and then move as stealthily as possible up the side of the quarry to the second level.
○ They reach the second level and Thord points out the location of the secret door. They remove some of the large rocks around it and enter in to a hall through the secret door.
○ Inside they find they are at the elbow of a hall. The north side leads to a room and the eastern hall leads away to a T intersection. There are sconces on the walls with glowing torches allowing them to see.
○ Thord immediately sets off to the east saying this is the direction to his son’s room.
○ He says this level is going to be mostly dwarves. They might give them a strange look, but pretty much leave them alone. He says they still might want to hide though if they hear someone coming.
○ Thord heads down the eastern hall and turns right at the T. He heads up to the first door down that hall and knocks on the door.
○ They hear a muffled voice say, “go away.” Thord knocks more intensely on the door and eventually the door opens and a small half-goblin looking angry stands in the door.
○ Thord pushes his way in and beckons the others in. Inside is a rather sparse room with some graffiti all over the walls. Grit moves over and sits on his bed looking sullen as Thord starts asking him questions in dwarvish.
○ The group has reached Ironhold, but what they are looking for and who can they trust…



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